Friday, December 03, 2010

Friday Flash NON-fiction

It's time for another fun installment of Friday Flash Fiction 55! Write a 55 word story inspired by a photo, and visit Mr Know-it-all to let us know all about your piece and you'll get lots of readers who enjoy such things!
I guess I don't really qualify for the true 55, because I exceed the 55 word limit.
I promise, I will only do it just this once.

"There was once a little girl named Camryn,

who was so sweet and had a smile so wide.

She fought, and struggled so hard,

that her poor heart gave out and she died.

In her honour, we're building a park

to help kids just like her swell with pride

in the joy of climbing, riding a swing and going

down a big slide."

Help us build this park by logging on to and searching for our "Sunshine Playground" project, and casting your vote daily during the month of December. The top two vote getting projects win $250,000.00 from Pepsi, plenty of money for us to build the playground! Thanks!


Claudia said...

oh wow - that's fantastic!!

Brian Miller said...

i think we can afford you the extra words on this one...what a special little girl and a great way to remember her...

moondustwriter said...

What a great living legacy for a sweetheart

I know there are smiles on that little one's face

Going to vote as well

Best to you Scott

if we can help promo(at One Stop Poetry) even write up a story contact me

G-Man said...

What a Great Project.
I'll help...
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

Dianne said...

wonderful poem
I'm on my way to vote

Anonymous said...

what a great poem and project!!!!
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Jingle Poetry At Washington State said...

fabulous 55.
love the smiles.
cool poem.

Syd said...

A worthy project for sure.