Sunday, December 19, 2010

interesting turns

My blogging has taken an interesting and unexpected turn these past few months. I've found myself longing to write, creatively. I think I've always had that in me, but was a bit "shy" about actually writing and putting myself out there like that. But, after four and half years of blogging about my recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction I guess the prose and poetry stuff is a natural extension.

For those of my readers who come seeking recovery, my hope is that you still find what you're looking for, even if what you find here is prose and poetry. I believe there's a peace that comes from reading something written from someone's heart. I hope I am able to convey that peace to my readers, because I sure get it from writing, and from reading your blogs.

So, please hang in there with me if you're seeking my experience in AA and some sober nugget here. They still abound, but perhaps not in the form you might expect. Andd for those off you who've been coming round to read some prose and poetry, I welcome you all with open arms! I'm grateful to have made a whole host of new friends through writing.

Have a peaceful Sunday, I hope to be back around after church for a bit of a write... be well!


Syd said...

Awesome Scott. I am glad that you have found your muse.

moondustwriter said...

Creative writing is actaully a great outlet - one of the things I have wanted to do is find a way to make that outlet avaialble for teens - not just with the subtance abuse but suicide issues. Maybe just maybe if a kid could express the darkness in his mind he could keep it on the paper instead of in his life

Thanks for stopping by you are too sweet

and with the creative stuff if you need a nudge I can nudge really well

Have a wonderful Christmas Scott - blessings

Scott said...

I would love to see a forum for teens to share creatively, regrdless of their issues really. I think in the case of depressed or suicidal kids, this would be especially helpful. Thanks for coming by, yer pretty sweet yerself there Ms Moonie!

Sober Julie said...

I love that! I'll happily read your work ;)