Thursday, December 09, 2010

meeting makers make it?

I go to meetings to stay sober and to help other alcoholics achieve sobriety. That's it, there ain't no more! Unfortunately, not everyone in AA sees it that way, Wow!! I called my car guy (also happens to be 20+ years sober) to schedule a visit for my Kia, I got an earful from him about he's all upset at another member (2 yrs sober and still "working out the kinks" shall we say). I get it, when we're resentful, we're resentful and we have to vent. But this litle tiff has been ongoing for the better part of 6-8 months. In small town AA, that can cause some disruption lol.

So, what do I even mention this for? Well, I guess I am just grateful that I don't let folksin AA get under my skin like I used to. Oh sure, there's a few dooseys out there that yank my chain now and again. But, it's been YEARS since I've been on a multi-month long resentment jag. So, I am grateful. AA saved my life, and the lives of countless others. We MUST remember that the rooms are full of sick folks, just like us. Patience, tolerance are so important, if we are to maintain anything along the lines of a peaceful emotional existence in AA.

I feel for both of these fellows, and I listed to J on the phone or a bit, before he finally put me in touch with someone who could schedule my car in. I just hope and pray that he gets over this thing with the younger guy, and that he focuses on how far the younger guy has come. I sort of went down that road gently with J on the phone and he agreed, then went back to his rant lol. We are a stubborn lot, aren't we?

At any rate, for those of you out there who are trying to have a peaceul recovery, an emotionally sound and stable program, try not to let folks get you all worked up. It accomplishes nothing, and isn't worth the energy. Easier said than done, and I've been told this myself more than once.) I figured since I am in a decent spiritual spot these days, I'd make that the topic for a blog post!


5thsister said...

I hope his sponsor steers him onto the right path. I've only been sober for 3 1/2 months and I KNOW I have plenty of kinks to work out!!!! Thank God for loving, patient AA members I have come to know and love who have helped me see the difference between sharing and "drunkalogs"; for those who gently guide me, by word and by example. Hopefully no one will hold resentments as I step upon a few toes while I learn my way through the miracle that is AA. I pray that your friend works on the steps he needs to get over this. God bless.

dAAve said...

A quick read of Step 10 in the 12&12 might give him some really useful reminders.

izzy said...

I went to chair a meeting yesterday
and got a bit off center...2 issues
collided and confusion exploded.I was lucky to be able to just do the job and set the 2 things aside for an hour...
I came away with an unrelated solution to something I have been tussling with.
This morning with a little perspective
on 2 issues- I have chosen to "simplify" saying no to one; and 'easy does it' but do it, to the other. H.P. works in mysterious ways sometimes... and I try to let go ; and wait it out if I can! Thanks-