Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Well, it's here! Christmastime has arrived! We're at my mother's home up near Toledo, we'll do the family thing here, do givts tonight and tomorrow morning, then head to my dad's home again on Sunday. Tuesday it's off to West Virginia to visit my wife's family. Busy times, good times, relaxing times with family. That's what the Holidays are all about for me. Gifts are fun and nice but it's good to have some time offf from the grind, eat, visit, relax, sleep a little extra and grab a spiritual recharge through this whole process.

Sobriety means just a little bit more to me during Christmas. When I was out "doing my thing" I would stay stoned and drunk all through this entire Holiday run. I loved it! The Holidays gave me an excuse to over indulge with the rest of the "amateurs," lol. And believe me, I took full advantage of it! It's noce not to be the center of the drama and chaos. It's wonderful to remember what happens, and not feel awful in the mornings. I treasure being able to enjoy my family, especially my wife and son who've never known me drunk. Wonderful!

I hope and pray all of you have a blessed, peaceful Holiday :-) Be well!


Mike Golch said...

Merry Chritsmas and a Happy(Sober) New Year to you and all of your Famaily.

dAAve said...

Merry Christmas Scott.

Syd said...

Hope that you have a joyous Christmas, Scott.

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