Monday, February 07, 2011

double dipping

Well, today is a double dipper lol. I just came back to the office after a really great AA meeting on anger. It's been awhile since I'd attended a meeting where anger was the primary topic for discusion, and today's meeting was wonderful. It's aways healthy for me to be reminded that I am not the only person out here that has had to learn how to deal with his anger. (still learning)

Thankfully, I don't happen to be in an angry place to, or really lately. I listened to a newcomer share about his discovery of anger in himself. he seemed surprised to learn that he has anger, lol. We spend so much time anesthetising ourselves that we've forgotten how to feel. I remember that in early recovery, I couldn't figure out some mornings whether to shower or brush my teeth first because of the roller coaster of emotions I will living through. Such is the case with this fellow today. I'm grateful to be in much better shape where my emotionas are concerned, yet I am grateful too, to be reminded that I have much work yet to be done, especially where anger is concerned.

The magic of meetings over the years for me often manifests itself in watching what others are going through, applying their lessons to my own life, and sparing myself some insanity. AA is a wonderful "test tube" where we can all learn how to live again, how to feel, how to not react, and of course, how to remain sober one day at a time. I'm not entirely sure I could've gotten sober and gotten my life on track without AA, the meetings, the Steps and the wonderful people I've met.

They've certainly helped me to sort out my emotions, especially my anger. I am grateful to have been there to listen to this young man today, and share some of my experience, strength and hope with him.


5thsister said...

and I am sure the young man is thanking God for you, as well.

dAAve said...

I'm frequently reminded that my anger is born of fear.
That I'll lose something I have or won't get something I want.

izzy said...

So glad that the massive tangled ball of emotions has gradually gotten sorted out.
And- the 'onion' isn't as scary anymore.

greeneyes616 said...

Scott, Amen to this...we all have done that at some point in our lives sobber or not...Anger comes from many places of discord and unfortunately they don't have life meeting centers, though tht is a thought. That is why church had become soimportant for me to get rejuvenated before the week ahead. Sharing our life experiences and wisdom is exactly what the Lord had in mind and why so many passages are written on the person who gathers wisdom. Thank you for this subtle reminder that we all need to constantly check ourselves, and remember to listn, learn and share God Bless Patricia

Syd said...

Anger is one of those emotions that is fear based. Trying to cover up the fear and, hence the anger, is difficult to do without suffering. Glad that you were there at that meeting.