Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Flash 55

Today is Friday, and that means Friday Flash 55!! Find an inspirational photo, tell a story with it in 55 words or less, and visit the G-Man to post your piece! Have fun with it!
Below, you see our dog Cosmo, sitting in the living room. Under all that fur is a
Parson Russell Terrier (longhaired, obviously), and a really sweet girl :)

"oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, as soon as mommy gets up, I am gonna jump
on her until she gives me a treat. I am gonna make like I have to pee
so she lets me out, then I am gonna come back
inside and get me a treat, yes I am!"


Jingle said...

what a creative and cute perspective on the doggie,
beautiful 55 to enjoy for the day.

hpicasso said...

...and then I'm gonna take a nap

nice view

Peace, hp

izzy said...

You sure know the drill! oh boy-oh boy-

G-Man said...

I bet you own a carpet shampooer!
As a pet owner myself...
I Loved your Canine 55!
Thanks for playing today, and please have a Kick Ass Week-End..G

moondustwriter said...

Aww she is a sweetie - sounds like she's been talking to my terrier

Monkey Man said...

Your pup is a deep thinker.

Brian Miller said...

ha. in the mind of a dog...wonder if they really think like that...smiles.

Mama Zen said...

And, then I'm going to jump up in Mommy's chair before she sits back down!

What a fun 55!

Syd said...

Cosmo is really cute. Dogs are so cool.

Mona said...

lol! Life of a cute doggy!

So much more easily pleased than humans!

Anonymous said...

Aww...she is sooooo sweet.... and has such innocent thoughts.... love her!!!