Saturday, June 25, 2011

Satuday night...

Another full summer day :-) In fact, my bald (mostly bald, entirely shaved) pate is a little sensitive, had my ball cap off too long lol.

We had our annual "All Star Fun Day" at the ball diamond, complete with burgers, dogs, ice cream and LOTS of baseball. I really enjoyed coaching the 2nd and 3rd grade all star team today and the boys had fun. The weather was perfect and it was just an awesome day. I've just finished working on a new real estate listing, getting everything online for that, and now it's time for some bloggage!! (And my Cincinnati Reds just won 10-5 over Baltimore!!!)

I love days like today, sunny, mild, not too hot. I had to water the flower beds tonight, and I was blown away by how lovely our Virgin Mary looks in what used to be Ian's sandbox. I built it a long time ago and my wife painted it. The box is showing its age, but it has become a lovely planting bed for our Holy Mother Mary and some beautiful flowers. The lillies in front off her have gotten so tall, it appears that she is peeking from behind them to tend the smaller flowers in front...

Tend your garden sweet Mother of God...
The rains they came not today so I lend a wet hand.
You watch us lovingly, ever vigilant
to keep us at your feet, safely aware
of Your love and Your care.

Oft I think,"Does She see, can She know
the difficulties I struggle with?
"Have faith my child," says Mother.
And so I do, when I can.

I watch her peer 'round the flowers she tends,
I know then that she sees me too.
Nothing escapes the gaze of my Holy Mother.
I know in my heart all will be well,
if I tend what's in front of me and
leave the rest for Her to take to God on my behalf.

Holy Mary, Mother of God...
Pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.


Anonymous said...

My mother, ever the devout Catholic, named me Kristin Marie. That was her take on 'Christ in Mary.' She would appreciate your garden and statue.

ScottF said...


That's pretty cool, thanks for coming by :-)

Jingle Poetry said...

love the greenness in your post.
well penned.

Jingle Poetry said...

How are you?
Inviting you to join poetry potluck week 41 tomorrow,
Any poems are welcome…
Always, your talent is sunshine to us.

ScottF said...

Thanks Jingle :-)

Syd said...

The flowers around here are doing well. We could do with more rain but the irrigation system keeps them healthy.