Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday musings...

As I went through my morning awakening, I was reminded by my HP that gratitude is one of the best ways to combat the behaviours that can lead me back to drinking. It just popped into my head as I read a little card I keep handy at my desk. The front of the card contains what I know as "The Optimist Creed" from my days in the Optimist International Organization. (search Optimist Creed on Google and keep it handy) The back of the card contains a list of feelings I try to foster within myself each day. One of those feelings is gratitude, and that's the one that came upon me this morning.

Just for today, I am grateful for...

Time in a quiet house with Cosmo and my HP
Fresh fruit
Losing over 50 lbs this summer
Calm in the face of a difficult financial time
Noon meetings
Upcoming road trip to Buffalo, just Ian and me
Good communication with my wife
A neat garage
A weekend of accomplished honey-dos
No hangovers
Real friends
Irene wasn't as nasty as she was forecast to be
The coming conclusion of an especially expensive copier lease after 63 months
My career appears to be going well, slowly but surely

Sometimes, I allow myself to become too busy. One of the things I've discovered about myself since going to work for the chamber of commerce is that I have a writer in me. Thanks to blogging and the writing I do for work, I definitely have a knack and a passion for writing. This is a good thing until I don't allow myself time to write. Then I feel "bottled up" and mentally constipated. So for today, I am going to allow myself time each day to write, either for pleasure or for business.


dAAve said...

Great list, Scott.
I really like the "losing 50 lbs" and the "neat garage".

Syd said...

Great list of things. Congrats on the 50 pounds. You are indeed doing well.