Sunday, December 11, 2011

acceptance and gratitude

This has been one of those frustrating weeks where some accumulated debris has choked the stream of life and I'm spending a wee too much time focusing on the negatives in my life and not working to accept them and celebrate that which I am grateful for.  Too much fear and anxiety, not enough peace and gratitude.

So, here's a written effort to do just that...

Today, I accept our financial picture, bleak as it is.  Today I accept that I've over obligated myself to too many volunteer activities.  I will fulfill my obligations and take on no new ones.  Today, I accept that Christmas is coming in 14 days and I still have much to do to prepare.  Today I accept that I need to continue to press on to find a better-paying job.  Today I accept that I need to push myself to develop more real estate business.  While I don't much care for any of these circumstances in my life right now, I must accept them or be driven mad by them. Today I accept that I am still more overweight than I had wanted to be at this point and I still have more weight loss to accomplish.

Today I am grateful to be sober and in reasonably good health.  Today I am grateful to have lost 37 lbs since the start of the year.  Today, I am grateful to have my real estate license and 4, almost 5 closed deals since getting busy this spring.  Today, I am grateful to have a wife who supports me and loves me even though we continue to struggle financially.  Today I am grateful to even have a job and be able to service our debt.  Today I am grateful that I love the work I do and that it will lead to something more financially rewarding.  Today I am grateful that I still have 14 days to get ready for Christmas.  Today I am grateful that I have a family to enjoy Christmas and New Year's with.  Today I am grateful that I am going to Mass and that I have AA metings to attend.

HP, thank You for the blessings in my life, I know that all good gifts come from you.  I pray for the strength and grace to carry on just for today.  I pray for my friend Kent who suffered a massive heart attack Weds and is not expected to live.  Please be with his family, as this must be an awful time for his kids and wife.  I pray that I may be of service to You by loving those around me.  Show me You will and I will apply myself to it.  Thank You for another sober day.


Mike Golch said...

I will keep Kent and his family in my prayers.I too am greatful for every day I wake up healthy.that can be taken at a moments notice.God Bless and keep you happy.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Acceptance and gratitude are gifts!

Mary Christine said...

Acceptance and Gratitude. That's a good way to start a week.