Sunday, December 04, 2011

Social media has changed everything...

I'm taking this You Tube video at face value...  young man reaches out

I saw it on the facebook page of a young friend, and it really moved me.  I'm praying for this young man (Jonah).  People shouldn't have to have pain like this in their lives, especially so young.  I hope that my boy never has to feel the way Jonah does.  I pray that Ian and I have a stong enough relationship that he can feel confident in coming to me for anything.  This little video has really struck me.

Today's Advent calendar on instructs us to call our parents to tell them how grateful we are for everything they've sacrificed for us.  I pray that everyone has the type of relationship that I have with my mom and dad that they can amke that phone call.  I will be calling my parents today.  I am grateful we can talk and be honest, and I am grateful for the life they gave me growing up.

Today is another awesome sober day.  I have the choice today to follow God's will for me (assuming I can discern what that might be), or to simply follow my own designs.  I know from experience that in order to stay sober today, I must turn to my HP and ask Him to remove my obsession to drink and use drugs.  I must seek His will and guidance if I am to have a day of peace, acceptance and love.

Be well, God Bless, don't drink and go to meetings!  More will be revealed!


Steve E said...

Some time ago I thought those words "More will be revealed"...were so much GS. Now I know the truth of them, and daily growth is possible in all facets of the human psyche.

Thanks--I've not been here for awhile, as you know. I just skip around, and missed ya, man!

Syd said...

I will be thinking those things about my parents. They are now gone from this life. But I hope that my thoughts of them will somehow transcend into energy that reaches their spirit.