Thursday, April 05, 2012

limbo is wearing out its welcome...

A fresh, hot cup of coffee, the JS Bach Goldberg Variations playing softly and locked doors to the building can mean only one thing...  Scott's taking bloggage time for himself.  Long overdue!

Where to begin??  Well, it's bsaeball season!  We've begun little league practice, and even though it's a work week, I am wearing my tried and true Cincinnati Reds ball cap in honor of opening day.  "There are two seasons in life...  Baseball...  And Everything That Is Not Baseball."  -me  Go Reds, and go Marlins!! (my little league team)

I'm still awaiting word on the bank gig.  The HR gal contacted me Monday to tell me they've pushed back their timetable due to some unrelated other issues and I'd be hearing something later this week (which in my mind is today, given the Good Friday holiday tomorrow).  Whatever will be, will be.  I'm just now beginning to feel that familiar anxiousness associated with having another wonderful opportunity before me.  We (my family) really need something to come through as it relates to consistent, reliable income.  Real estate has indeed been a blessing but it's just not reliable and consistent yet.  At 43 years young, I am ready to leave the world of potential earnings and enter the world of "oh look, here's another great paycheck, just like last week and the week before, and the week before..."  Ok, you get the picture.

I continue to have difficulty "feeling" well connected to HP, mainly due to my hustle and bustle.  I've been getting to meetings consistently and that's been HUGE.  Everything is just really moving quickly  (except of course this interview process at the bank lol) and I find my  head spinning a bit.  I continue to seek help through prayer, and I continue to give of myself and work to grow closer with my son.  I'm surrounded by good friends and I have a wife who is always supportive of whatever I am trying to do to support our family.

My life today is good indeed, it's just a little overwhelming at times (now being one of those moments).  I'm not miserable, angry, resentful (ok, maybe there's one or two eensy lil irritations I'd do well to be rid of, lol).  I'm not depressed or in anguish.  I'm just a little anxious and out of sorts.  I'm ready for our finances to be stabilzed, but that particular project is taking longer than hoped.  And in listening to parental counsel, they were in much the same situation at this phaze of their lives, so I guess this is all just normal life stuff.

For the alcoholic though, these are situations rich with excuses to drink.  Thankfully, this alcoholic doesn't  have a drink or a drug on the radar, thanks be to God!  So, I'll in the day, thank my God, seek His will and carry on, smiling.

Thanks for being here to listen :-)  God Bless!


Marcia said...

Hang in there. Glad you are finding gratitude and humor to lesson the angst.

dAAve said...

It ain't a ball.
It ain't a strike.
It ain't nuttin' til the umpire call it.

Let's go!

Mary Christine said...

I love JS Bach Goldberg Variations!

And I am also feeling overwhelmed.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...


Im taking time to say a special prayer for you and your family today.

I really really appreciate the difficulty of job decisions and household support and business getting in the way of feeling the connection.

Syd said...

Scott, I hope that the bank job will work out. But I know that things will be okay no matter what. Glad that you are sober and do have a good life. Much to be thankful for. Thanks for all your comments too!

Anonymous said...

As I have been reading about your career related experiences and issues with income (I can relate,) I am brought back to the story of Bill Wilson and so many others in the Big Book who experienced tremendous stress regarding money. Bill and Lois were in a terrible situation for a very long time, but, BUT! He didn't drink over it! And neither will we :-)

I'm praying for you.