Wednesday, April 11, 2012


W.A.I.T.-  Why Am I Talking?  What a great "filter" to have in place at a discussion meeting.  Of course, if more people actually applied this, the discussion meetings would surely be quieter lol.  AA has richly blessed me with many amazing experiences and gifts over the 16 years I've been sober and attending meetings.  And I am not typically affraid to share in meetings, and I don't typically shy away from being honest with people.  But over the past few months I've found myself talking less and listening more, quite on purpose. 

I forget where I was that W.A.I.T bit, probably on one of your blogs somewhere...  But, it sure does help me practice "restraint of tongue and pen" both in and out of meetings.  Working in a public position with business leaders, community leaders and elected officials, I quickly learned the importance of listening more than talking.  (Plus, I don't always have something profound or especially useful to add to any given conversation until I've listened well.)  I think I am finally getting a grip on the art of conversation, and it's really the art of listening.  It has taken many years, much reading of sales, recovery an professional development books and articles.  Finally someone in AA laid W.A.I.T. on me and it all came clearly into focus.

I love that about AA.  You kind souls just keep teaching and teaching, repeating what I need to hear in various ways until the lights come on and it finally sinks in.  I am so grateful to have AA and recovering people in my life today to keep me pointed in the right direction.


Furtheron said...

That is one I must remember at meetings

Syd said...

That is a good one to remember.