Friday, May 04, 2012

down time?

Our local high school band is performing at state competition this evening and I am going to listen!  This is the same group of kids I've worked with over the past two years as Asst. Marching Band Director.  So, this is a big deal to them and to me.  In fact, this graduating class is very special to me because five yrs ago, many of them were in my first ever CCD classes at church.  It is going to be a very emotional music awards banquet and graduation ceremony coming up!

I'm making the one hour trip north to watch the kids perform, then it's on up to Toledo to visit my folks.  Tonight I will crash at mom's and tomorrow dad and I will replace the brakes on my vehicle.  We'll get some nice one-on-one one quality dad/son time.  This is a rare occurance so I am looking forward to it.  Any more, I get few opportunities for that kind of visit.  Even rarer still are the chances I get to go off and do something I want to do, just for myself.  Retreats are becoming fewer and further between with all the family stuff, kid stuff, work stuff, etc.  So, even a two hour drive up and two hour drive home are highly anticipated for me lol.  If nothing more, it's quiet time :-) 

I don't really know why I need time to myself, I just do.  I love people, that's my thing.  I work in the public, I sell real estate on the side and I am developing a mobile marketing business.  So, people are a must.  But, I've always had a strong desire for quiet and peace, for "me-time" away from everyone, including my wife and son on occasion.  My wife never has understood that, and doesn't really accept if very wel or that matter, lol.  But, it's how I am wired and if I cannot get some time off, or apart I get frazzle-fried and edgy and so forth.  It's just a part of who I am...

So I am curious, do any of you feel similarly, or completely differently?  I wanna know, let's have a good old fashioned virtual discussion meeting on the topic :-)

ps-  our little league team, the Marlins opened our 2012 summer schedule with a strong 7-0 victory last nite.  Our kids won as a team with good pitching, hitting and baserunning.  Very kool and LOTS of fun!


Anonymous said...

My need to be alone borders in dysfunctional. I have lost many friends because I simply don't have the 'togetherness' thing wired into me. There's a woman from the program who is also a client of mine that becomes downright hostile about it. She gets all offended that I don't want to spend time with her. What she can't seem to understand is that I don't want to spend time with anybody. I prefer to be by myself.

Marcia said...

I could not work with people. I work with people, they are in my office and all around.And I do work with clients. But, I get completely drained if I have to have a face to face meeting with clients. I need me time with a capital ME. Even church. I love my church. But Sunday afternoon naps are my favorite. :)