Tuesday, May 01, 2012

miscellaneous debris

Late night at the office...  I have a few activities happening in my building tonight and I have to be here for technical support and to lock up when they are done.  So finally, I  have blogging time.  It's a fresh caffeine free diet coke, Genesis "Supper's Ready" playing on YouTube and some quality time with my blogger buddies.  Awesome!

We've got a newcomer at the noon meeting!  I love that!

No sooner did I put away the resume and turn my attention fully to the tasks at hand with my chamber of commerce gig, real estate and my fledgling mobile marketing business and dont ya know old God sent a potential employer calling lol.  It figures!  Well long story short, it's not an ideal fit for a few good reasons and so I am going to continue on with the tasks at hand.  I just think it's funny that as soon as I quit looking, something stumbles along.

Rule #62, why can I not remember this?? lol  I still find myself taking myself too seriously!  I will continue to seek God's help with this.

Al-Anon has a great bookmark with a bunch of recovery principles upon it...  It says "Just For Today" at the top on one side.  Each principle is introduced with the phrase "Just for today, I will..."  I need to pay special attention to this one in particular: "Just for today I will avoid two pests, hurry and indecision..."


Anonymous said...

I love quality time with the blogging buddies. That's the good stuff.

Had to drive up into Ohio to drop the kids at their Grandparents for the weekend. Listened to a new speaker 'tape'. Larry V. from Strongville, Ohio. Ever heard of him? Has about a million years in the program. OMG it was an awesome lead.

Take care, sober friend.

ScottF said...

Hi Kristin!

I've never heard Mr. V. but I do enjoy hearing tales from the long-timers. I bet it was a wonderful lead indeed. I hope your trip to/through Ohio was wonderful!

Furtheron said...

That is so true - when you aren't looking for something it'll come along or sometimes (like something that just happened to me) you think, Now I wonder if I should do x? Open browser, go to blog of friend, he has a post up saying "Hey anyone thinking of doing x - I'd love to help call me"... so it is destined to happen isn't it