Friday, January 27, 2006

daily battles

The challenge today is to try to find the good in each day. My daily concerns about drinking have long since passed... Today, it's about maintaining and growing my spirituality on a daily basis so I don't return to the daily grind of just managing to stay dry. I find that I have to really make myself seek God, connect with him and look for His will in my life every day. I want the results of a strong spiritual life, but I am often unwilling or have to fight myself in order to do what it takes to get there and grow... Funny thing though, on the days I take the time to get quiet, focus in upon myself and find that connnection, things seem to bother me less, I have a better attitude, so forth. The trouble is that I sometimes wake up in such a state that it's my very attitude that makes me not want to connect and work on my attitude... That's the battle today, the one that rages on inside me... I so enjoy those days when the battle takes a day off and I am able to just go with the flow...

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