Monday, January 30, 2006

economic insecurities

This is one of those times when the "rubber meets the road," so to speak. I have been contemplating a new or additional career for a few months now. I am in sales, commission only, trying to support a family in a small, slow, tight market. The company I work for is small, the owner is a great idea guy, great to work with, fun environment but when it comes to execution, not so good. Having said that, my success is still ultimately my responsibility... I accept that 110%. However, I am not one to ride a sinking ship into the sea on princicple. I have begun looking around for something new or addtional. The best thing about my job is the schedule. I can work from home or at the office, and I have no set hours. I am looking at a part time job with the village I live in, that should suit me well, and provide that steady income stream to help backstop the sales gig.

What does this have to do with my recovery? Well, somewhere in the promises, there's that little thing about economic insecurity leaving us. That's all well and good when ya got the bling! But, right now, that insecurity is making its presence felt. But, I have been given the Grace of God if I choose to use it, and this is now a situation which USED to baffle me. Thank God for the ability to think clearly, and the courage to ask for help with the difficulties in my life. I know in my heart of hearts that things will work out fine... They always do. So, I am going to keep evaluating my present course and make the necessary changes, it's what we have to do to grow and succeed. Acceptance is truly the key... and yes, faith, without works is dead... Today I am grateful for that faith... God got me this far, I have to just keep doing the next right thing. This prorgam works! This is yet another thing I do not have to drink or use drugs over.

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