Wednesday, February 01, 2006

ok, ok...

Alright, alright... it's time to share some gratitude on paper... I remember early on, I thought if ya had to talk about gratitude, ya probably didn't have any. Well, as usual, I was wrong about that one, too.

Today, I am grateful for:

  • being sober
  • finally having the willingness a couple weeks ago to talk to my doc and finally get some help with my emotions/mood swings, and so forth... It turns out, there is something medically going on with me
  • my wife and son, HP and AA put them in my life
  • books
  • the daily grind, the professional challenges I am going thru right now... I know that on the other side, lies more opportunity and hopefully my own growth
  • this blogging stuff I have discovered, it's so kool to read and share with other recovering people online
Ok, yes, gratitude lists are a good thing :-) aaaahhhhh


Alexis said...

Awesome! The grAAtitude spreads doesn't it? Thank you for sharing your list. I love the 4 year old perspective. I think I'll try to act 4 today. They seem to just let go of all the bad stuff as soon as they are distracted or presented with something good. I think I'll try to let go of ALL the bad stuff today like I'm 4.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

muylajuana said...

Hi there Scott. Gratitude lists do work their magic, don't they. Even on my darkest days,writing a gratitude list changes my focus. Congratulations on your 10 years. And I did stop by Alexis' blog. Good post. Yours and hers.