Saturday, January 28, 2006

reflections on 10 yrs

Well, today's the day, 10 yrs sober today... It's hard to imagine what it would be like if I had never got sober. I can vividly recall what it was like before I got sober, thank God. I am told that if I can't remember my last drunken, drug induced escapade, I probably haven't had it yet. I am so grateful to HP and AA for my recovery.

So many things about me and my life have changed.... And, he he there's a still few "tasty" treats that still linger on yet today... Ahhh yes, good old defects of character, we call them! I guess the best part of being sober this long is the peace of knowing that no matter what happens, if I can stay sober a day at a time, things will turn out ok. I may not get what I think I need or what I want but, I always get what I need, in the end.

I can remember talking about all this stuff I wanted to do back when I was using. I never did get around to doing any of that stuff until I got sober, amazing, huh? I have gone from a drinking drugging overgrown kid playing in a band at 27, barely able to hold a fast food job to a fairly responsible "adult" with a wife, a son and a dog. Heck, I've even bought a house and made some money at a couple of decent careers along the way. It's all the stuff I thought I wanted, and then some. I just never could get it headed in the right direction when I was back doing my thing, "large and in charge..." Ever since I turned things over the my HP, somehow things have gotten infinitely better. Talk about your miracles, I met my wife in the Fellowship and born of our recovery and our HP, was our son, who is 4 now. I have a lot to be grateful for.

Today I will share my gratitude in my usual Saturday morning County Jail meeting. I've been going in there on a regular basis since 1998. I do have a home group, a little men's meeting we started a year and a half ago but I tend to get the most out of that jail meeting. Later today, my old home group is celebrating their 30th anniversary so we will head over there and celebrate with them, probably pick up a token there. I will probably give my bro and my dad a call, they got me to my first meeting... I'd like to tell 'em thanks!

I don't wanna go overboard with this whole 10 yrs thing but, to me it's a pretty big deal, just for today! Life aint perfect these days, but it's a whole lot more peaceful, and I can find my way out of life's little situations today. That's such a relief... The weight of a life of drunkenness and insanity is far behind, and just around the bend if I don't remember my past and stay sober a day at a time.


Scott W said...

Congratulations on your soberversary! Ten years is amazing.

dAAve said...

You bet 10 years is a BIG deal!!