Saturday, February 25, 2006

gentlemen, start your engines!!

My boy is bouncing off the walls this morning, with good reason. Here in a little while, we are heading out to take him to a Monster Truck show, complete with pre-show pit passes to see the turck and drivers up close! He's so funny, we debated, and decided to wait until last nite to tell him we're going. Needless to say, he was thrilled! He's 4, he knows all the trucks, all the drivers. He should, he has a bunch of the small trucks, he's always putting on Monster Jams in our living room, he he! Well, it was a good call, not to tell him about going to the show (until last nite), let me tell you! He would've self destructed had he known we were planning this back around Christmas!!

What has this got to do with recovery?? Well, I was sitting here trying to figure that out when it hit me. This IS recovery. This IS one of the reasons people get sober. Shoot, we wouldn't even have a son if it were not for AA and the Fellowship, for I met his mom (my wife) in AA 8 yrs ago. He wouldn't even exist if Bill hadn't made that call way back when, setting the wheels in motion. Think about all the miracles, all the children, the homes put back together, lives saved... all because Bill needed a drunk to help him stay sober. Or, even further back, because Ebby T. needed to carry the message to keep himself sober, so he called on an old friend, Bill W. My family is a direct result of my getting sober, my wife getting sober, and of course, staying that way. What an amazing thing. They say don't leave 5 mins before the miracle happens... well, I can tell ya, they aint kidding! AA has given me everything I have of worth in my life today, all thanks to HP and the Program.

So, I guess a Monster Truck show does indeed have something to do with recovery! Off we go!! I guess that about covers the Gratitude then for today!!


dAAve said...

Good stuff and points well made.
Monster points.

Scott W said...

Monster trucks? Better you than me.

Alexis said...

I take my boys (now 6 & 10) to Monster Trucks every year - they hit Houston in January... and my boys love it, now that they are older. They perform with dirt floors & ramps in Texas in Reliant stadium. Your pics look like there is a 'real' floor instead of dirt. My favorite part is always when they 'do donuts' and fling dirt everywhere : )