Friday, February 17, 2006

just a lil quickie

TGIF!! Happy Friday!! I don't have a bunch of stuff to say today, which is not neccessarily a bad thing. I am feeling pretty darn good today, for no apparent reason. I love that! I seem to be at the whim of my wide ranging moods. When I get the "dumpy crummies" it sucks. But, when I get like I am now, it's great! I have noticed though, this is not the typical "really really happy guy" mood. It makes me wonder if my meds are starting to do their thing. I have plenty to be freaked out about or fearful of (see last post for that). But, I am just not freakin' today. I feel good. Things could be better, they could definitely be worse. (and no, to the guys in my home group, I am not feeling good just because I am getting my way or something!!)

I played last nite in a rehearsal for an upcoming church performance.... Man, what a gas to be playing again, I have missed that soo much. I think we may be getting a little quartet together to play on Sunday nites, I hope that happens... But, like someone posted today, No Expectations, right?? Tab, wasn't that you?

Today I am grateful to HP for:

a new bloggin' friend Shannon whose great blog I have been reading for awhile, we're linkaged, see sidebar for her link...
all my new bloggage friends, for sharing their realities with me, and stoppin' by to check out my madness.
the fact that we only got rain and wind with that big cold front, and no snow
my wife n son
peace of mind in the midst of some stressful times
the opportunity to play my horn in church and the dance gig I picked up for this summer


Sober Chick said...

All natural high. What a great experience and how Alive you sound. Totally aesome!

Rex said...

Great list and I'm glad you are having a great day. With the temp down to zero it's hard to think of flowers being here soon....Happy Friday!