Sunday, February 12, 2006

taggin' up with the HNT peeps...

Ok, I am gonna tag in with the HNT peeps and give ya my "vitals..."

4 jobs I have had in my life:

  1. McDonald's maintenance man
  2. HFC Account Executive
  3. Industrial Salesman
  4. Music Store Clerk
4 movies I can watch over and over

  1. Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  2. Steel Magnolias
  3. Tombstone
  4. Rooster Cogburn
4 places I have lived

  1. Forestville, NY
  2. Silver Creek, NY
  3. Northwood, OH
  4. Houston, TX
4 TV shows I love to watch

  1. Frasier
  2. Grey's Anatomy
  3. The Andy Griffith Show
  4. Boston Legal
4 places I have been on vacation

  1. Niagra Falls, NY/Canada
  2. The Grand Canyon/Flagstaff, AZ
  3. Rocky Mountain national Park/Estes Park, CO
  4. Toronto, CA
4 websites I visit daily

  4. "the road of happy destiny"
4 of my favorite foods

  1. Buffalo Wings
  2. Pizza
  3. Barbecue Brisket (which you cannot find in Ohio)
  4. Chinese
4 places I would rather be right now

  1. Long Lake, MI
  2. Munds Park, AZ
  3. Sedona, AZ
  4. Columbia River Gorge, OR
ok, there's some stuff about me... thanks for the tag, Texas Dave!!


dAAve said...

Ho can you live?
How CAN you live?!?!

Scott said...

It's a day at a time struggle, without brisket, let me tell you!!

Alexis said...

: ) Nice websites......
interesting collection of movies.... and how does one go on with life without brisket?