Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Sorry for the abscence (apologizing mainly to myself). I have been busy with work and even a playing gig I had that ate up a bunch of Sunday (that was great). Speaking of work, that and the whole "searching for a new job thing" have been dismal at best. I seem to be in a bit of a rut where I cannot get anything going and keep it going from a sales standpoint. I don't want this to turn into a "why me" rant or a "geeze I am such a big ole whiny victim" type rant either! I think my problem comes from a lack of acceptance of my present circumstances. I don't like the way things are going, I have begun to take some action to make some changes, that's not going well either so now I am getting pissed, and discouraged. I suppose it's time for some listening to HP, and a change in my approach to my difficulties.

today I am grateful for:

my wife and son
my health
the fact that I have a stash of cash (I hope I can make it last)
the fact that things could be a lot worse than they are
that I can apply my sober self to my difficulties today instead of running from them
that I can help others to get out of myself when I go thru tough times
this blog
all the blogs I have come to love reading!
gratitude, it makes me feel better, puts things in their proper perspective


Rex said...

Hang in there Scott. Growth is always painful, but in the end it will all be worth it!

dAAve said...

That's right, rex.

You're taking the action so give it chance to work. If you're like me (and many others I've heard) we want it all NOW!!!

sirreene said...

When I was job hunting (and it took a long time) I went to alot of meetings. This was a saving grace to me. Sometimes three a day. Something I cannot do now. But surrounding myself in the program kept my spirits up and helped me laugh throughout the ordeal and the rejections.

Alexis said...

You're doing the footwork, keep having faith in God for the results to work out and it will all be fine.... keep trudging! You're on the Road of Happy Destiny!

Sober Chick said...

Acceptance is a tricky thing -- but I think that you will find your place when it is time, or your place to be -- work will find you.

Everything around is a process . . .

I was fired in Jan 05 (alcoholic behavior) and had to work part-time to pay bills. Then I was hired at a great company with great upper management. 2 months later I dropped the bomb to my supervisor and admitted I had something more than a "problem" and was leaving to get help.

A miracle, they wanted me to stay and held my job. WOW. Today I am so grateful for the ups and downs the process. It was horrible at the time but I am here, just where I need to be.

You have a beautiful gratitude list, and someday you will be adding your place of work. For now, it is just enough. Thanks for your share!

Tab said...

Try not to give yourself a pat on the back once in awhile Scott,
you deserve it :)