Friday, March 03, 2006

Thursday nites!

I would have to say that the highlight of my week is Thursday nite! Our local YMCA has these 6-7 week "sessions" for the yougnsters in town. It's like a 30 mintue gym class every Thursday nite, for 6-7 weeks. One session was all basketball, another soccer, you get the point. Well, I take my 4 yr old lil guy each week to this "Y gym class" each week. Happily, I have only missed a couple since we started taking him back in August. Anyhow, he does his thing, I sit and watch, giving him encouraging signs (waves, smiles, funny faces, thumbs up, you know), partnering up with him when necessary, and hob-nobbing with the other soccer moms and dads. It's really awesome to see him get out, play, have fun, follow directions, succeed, fail, meet other kids and parents, etc. Well, this has really become our nite to do stuff together..., just Ian and me. We've even begun to go grab a Happy Meal at the local McDonald's afterwards. (I even managed to fight off my double cheeseburger addiction and have chicken noodle soup last nite!) A couple times after class I took him with me to my old Thursday nite home group meeting. (He loves going to meetings, he comes over and sets up home group with me every Wed. nite, he refers to the guys who come as "customers" or "his big friends") Anyhow, I just love hanging out with him, enjoying him, soaking him up (the fatalist alkie in me sees him growing and changing and soon he won't be this adoring,affectionate, idolizing little creature so I am hanging on titely to this phase!). We sit and eat dinner, talking about whatever's going on, making jokes, playing around and just having a ball... It's really great reflective time for me you see... i used to work at McDonald's, back during my alcoholism/addiction. Imagine, a degreed music teacher, nearly a master's degree in music performance, and all I can manage to do for money is work at McDonald's. (not that it's a bad place to work, but it was a bit of an underachivement) Well, going to McD's with him each week, is such an affirmation of my recovery, a reminder of where I have come from over the past 10 yrs, the gifts HP has seen fit to give me. After that rant ysterday on here, I was sooo looking forward to taking him out.. what a great evening, I am sooo grateful to have that time to share. It's something I will always be able to treasure... I think we may have started something of a tradition or new custom for he and I. Thanks to AA and HP for this!


Rex said...

You are so furtunate to have this time with your son. Continue to treasure every moment of it.

sirreene said...

Thursday nights are special nights for me also. My ex and I co-parent and Thursdays the children come to me. What a difference a day can make!

Tab said...

Great post today Scott.
I am wishing you a pleasant weekend.
Thanks for sharing.

Alexis said...

Sounds like an awesome way to spend the evening! Too cool!

Shannon said...

I loved reading that Scott thanks

I too love my time one on one with my kids, its ver prescious.

and I am glad you are sober in recovery :)