Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hot Spot

Well, I've found a hotspot here at Starbucks, and its time to get down ta biz! So far, we've had a great trip to AZ. We had Granny's 100th Birthday party Saturday, then a huge family get together on Sunday. Granny was so touched by everything and everyone. Her party was just awesome. I got kinda weepy when I first saw Granny because she was so alert and happy. I have such a difficult time getting the concept of having been alive for an entire century. Give that one some thought!

Yesterday we hit the Cheesecake Factory, took my boy to a huge golf range to hit balls, and walked around the Mill Ave. area of Tempe (basically, the kool part of town at Arizona State U.) Mama Bear is taking the boy over to see Granny today so I basically have some free time until mid afternoon. I had to get my fix so here I am! There's a great noon meeting right by my brother in-law's place (where were staying in Tempe) that I will catch today. Later on this afternoon, I will probably take my boy back out to hit some golf balls, he is addicted! I am guessing that tomorrow, we might hit Scottsdale for some shopping. There's some killer shops over there, and a huge Galleria style mall (for you Houstonians). Thursday, we head to Sedona (my fave part of the trip) to walk around in awe and wonder. I've never been to a more awe-inspiring, spiritual place in my life. We visited there each time we've come to Arizona. I'll have plenty 'o pics to post upon our return. from there we head to my brother in-law's cabin in the mountains south of Flagstaff for the weekend. Again, a beautiful place to hang out. Lots of good walking/hiking and 4-wheeler riding!

It's so kool to have family in fun places! I've been able to walk every day but Sunday. I have to or I will gain back the weight I have lost. After all, it's tough to eat right on vacation! I have been able to swim a fair amount also, her brother has a pool in the back yard. I will have to take some photos of his place. It's amazing, to say the least. All in all, it's been a peaceful, relaxing trip thus far. The time difference has been a bit of an adjustment this time around. Normally it doesn't bother me, but this time it has. I guess I am just getting old! Oh, and Daddy's getting tan!! I love that. All my peeps back home will still be all wintry white and pale!


my wife, son and doggie (we miss Cosmo sooo much)
the chance to travel to Arizona
that the major family stuff is behind us, not that I didnt' enjoy seeing everyone but youo know how it is!
that I took the time to fill out my application packet for that new branch opportunity, and faxed it in yesterday
that I did the legwork necessary to make an educated, informed decision about taking this new career opportunity
that I have God, AA and my family to help me through either the dissappointment if I am not accepted, or the joy if I am
bloggage, I miss y'all!
net hot spots at Starbucks!
a venti Caramel Machiatto and a Blueberry Oat Bar! (man, this place is screaming busy this morning!)
that I can hopefully find the time and another hotpsot during our trip so I can check back in with y'all if not, I'll "see" ya after we get home on 4/25.
that we still have a whole week on vacation


Rex said...

Awwww......sounds like a wonderful vacation, filled with many blessings. And just the break you needed too. I'm happy for you.

Tab said...

Centenarian's are so inspirational!
I want to know Granny secrets to living so well and long!
What does she eat everyday?LOL

Sounds like your vacation is going so well Scott..thanks for sharing!

Sober Chick said...

Yaaaaay 4 Wi-Fi. My beau and I love working away from home. We discovered some really neat hang outs locally. In facct, he built a site for one:

Hyper Cafe

I am excited to hear that you are having a great time on your vacation. I think it is cute how you were referring to your family -- Mama Bear. I found this 4U:

3 Bears

Thanks for that link you left me. That is so cool, I added it to my Recovery Bookmark. I love technology (when it is working for me cuz sometimes I just wanna throw my equipment when . . . ahh, you know how it is. LOL)

Happy 100th to Granny. That is AWESOME and more special that she is alert and happy!

Keep having loving fun, we will see you soon ;)

BigSkymAAck said...

If that Galleria type Mall you are going to hit in Scotssdale is by a museum, A long time ago they had a great meeting there. Looks like you are having fun

Mary Christine said...

So glad you posted! I was wondering about your vacation. Sounds like it is wonderful.

dAAve said...

thanks for checking in

Shannon said...

I am sooo glad to hear about your granny and reading about you guys having a good time... :)
have a good meeting

Anna said...

Thanks for taking time out to update us on how things are going. Sounds like ya'll are having a wonderful time. Can't wait to see the pics!

scott w said...

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