Wednesday, April 12, 2006

opportunity knocks!

Ok, I am pretty excited! Today I have an opportunity to change my behavior! We're flying to phoenix this afternoon and one of the things my wife enjoys least about me is how (how shall we put this?? hmmmm) intense I get when we fly anywhere. I shared about this the other day, but I better get this in my sights again cuz today, the rubber meets the road. I am going to try my very best to Let Go and Let God all day long, every inch of the way (without having any expectations of my performance here he he). I am really going to try to just wear the day like a loose garment. I am not going to stress over anything, I am going to have fun and just relax. She might just pass out if I pull this off. (oh, and if I mess up, I am not going to beat myself up!)

I have just developed this anxiety, this stress where I get all pissy and bitchy as we prepare for a big trip like this. And so of course, it makes the whole departure thing a living hell for my travelling companions. Now, in all fairness to me, my wife has her own brand of stress she goes through, but I know I am worse. She stuffs her feelings, I bitch and moan, which makes her really, really unhappy. Funny thing is, nothing ever really goes wrong (I am too anal to allow that, hehe). And, once we pull back from the gate, I just get this rush of relief like, ok we're ready, blah blah blah. So, I am going to just go with the flow, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS TODAY! If I find myself starting to flip, I will take a deep breath, find my HP, say the SP and recall the meeting yesterday. Most of all, if she gets bent and twisted, I am going to let her go where she goes... and not follow down the dark path behind her (man am I good for some of that, geeeze).

We'll be back home on Tuesday the 26th but, I think I will have internet access with my laptop while we're there. Her brother has AOL high speed internet so, I am taking my wireless router and hooking up! We'll see if it works or not, no expectations! Anyhow, if I poof for a couple weeks, you'll know that didn't work out he he!

prayer for the day:

God, help me not be a big ole self centered goofball today. Help me make this a pleasant trip by being kind, considerate, thoughtful, patient and loving today. (yes, I have to remind Him to remind me of all these things, he he!!)


my family
that we found a great place to board Cosmo
opportunities for growth
that incredible meeting yesterday
bloggage and all my best friends on here
that I can do some work while we're in AZ
pine trees
4 wheelers
(ok, I am projecting now, he he)

as my 4 yr old lil guy says: "today is arizona day!" he is soooo freaking adorable, thanks HP!


Mary Christine said...

Happy Arizona Day! I hope you have a wonderful trip.

Lex-Sunshine said...

Happy ARIZONA Day!!! Sounds like you are in a fantastic frame of mind! Have a great trip with your wife & son, but what about the doggie??? Does he get to go too? LOL : ) I hope you get to post, but if you don't, see you when you get back!

Sober Chick said...

Have a wonderful trip. When it gets bumpy tell yourself, that is God's not mine, that is God's not mine. :)

Hopefully we will see you here and there in the next few weeks. If not we will be happy for your safe return (as Cosmo will too!)

Don't forget to enjoy the journey and not focus on the ending of where you are going.

Tab said...

How could a post get more positive than this one Scott?I just love that you are going to work hard at letting go of the stress of your trip today and have fun! I know what you mean,flying etc is stressful but making the most of it sounds like a great plan!
I hope you keep on letting go .
I bet it will blow your wifes mind but isn't that all part of sharing life together?heheheh !
In Rex's post today she reminded me about living in the moment,
that kind of advice goes great with your post today too...enjoy!
Thanks for sharing!

Anna said...

Have a great trip!!

Scott said...

Lex- doggie went to the kennel this morning for her vacation! She's too big to put on the plane with us :-( I've been awake for 6 hrs now, and still stress free, yay God! We're splitting here in a couple hrs, so far so good he he!

Shannon said...

wow with an attitude like that, how can you go wrong! have a great trip! and we will keep checkin on ya to see if it worked... :)

dAAve said...

LOVE the prayer!!!!!!!!

Scott W said...

I love Arizona. I have spent a little time there and the landscape always moves me. I painted and drew the desert for years before I ever visited, when I did I felt like I had come home. Have a good, stress free, loving, HP remembering time.

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