Wednesday, April 05, 2006

the training wheels are off!

Today is the first day without that Patch for my wife. She's had a perpetual sinus infection/cold since she quit smoking, my lil guy has laryngitis, fever the whole nine yards, we're trying to get ready to go on a trip for 2 weeks and I think her monthly visitor is still here somewhere.

Please take a second to pray for God's will for my wife and son, and maybe even selfish lil old me as we enjoy another day in paradise! I spent awhile reading the blogs of all my peeps this morning, so I am feeling pretty good thus far. Hopefully I can spread some of that good feeling around today!


that my wife quit smoking
that the patches are finally gone so she can get completely thru the nicotine withdrawal process
that we're closing to the end of the quitting smoking insanity than the beginning
my wife, son and doggie
that we're going to AZ for a nice visit with her family
the shot in the spirit I got this morning from all my blogging friends
that I have the opportunity to possibly operate my own mortgage branch, should the numbers work out to be something I can afford to do (homework time!)
that if I do open that branch, I will need to travel to Houston, TX for training
that I have friends in Houston who could help to a meeting or two if I end up coming down


Anna said...

I will pray for all 3 of you :)

Alexis said...

You're all in my prayers! (and I've been sick more w/ sinuses etc. since I quit smoking!) but I love every day as a non-smoker!

and if you come to Houston, we'll take you to the best meetings in town!

Tab said...

Jeese life sounds good for you and your family!Your wife quiting smoking is so great to hear.
Its not easy I know, been there.
Oh yeah, I am so happy to hear about this trip to Arizona..!

Sober Chick said...

Happy Patch Free Graduation to the family! Maybe your wife and son are going through a sort of detox - cleansing of a smoke free environment.

When I was active in all my behaviors I never got sick. When I started to get healthy my body accepted many colds. Strange. Someone told me that if they were a virus or a cold they would not want to be in my body either with all that crap I put in it and did to it.

I think it is great that you take energy from us peeping bloggers in recovery. We all are in this together. It is so precious to be a part of this all and give back.

Your beautiful family will be in my prayers as you venture into this journey day by day.

dAAve said...

I'm glad Alexis will take you to the best meetings in town. She hasn't been to see us yet, although we're only about 8 miles apart.
You know we'll take care of you and we can ALL get together.

Mary Christine said...

I wanna go to the best meetings too!

Shannon said...

I wanna come too!!!!! Maybe Trudge will fly me, You Scott, and Mary Christine and who ever else doesnt live in Houston to go to those meetings.. ; - D

Shannon said...

oh, trudge has a helicopter... LOL

Scott W said...

Shannon!!! LOL!!! We have so many recovering bloggers here in Houston! The Lambda Center here also hosts one of the best Roundups around, Thanksgiving weekend. Everyone should come down. There's no place like Texas!