Friday, May 26, 2006

free internet!

You just have to love the fact that I opened my new office just up the street from a great little local coffee shop that has free internet! Since it's still raining to beat the band, I will hang out a little bit longer before I return to my office. I won't have internet until later today (so they say!) so, I had to come down here to get my caffeine fix, my email fix and of course, my bloggage fix!

I cut the cord with my boss (now former) and close, close friend (same person) on Tuesday. He knew I was going to leave so he wasn't surprised about that. but, he was upset with me for not telling him sooner. He said he thougght that I would have more faith in our friendship than to wait this long to tell him I was opening up my own shop. Evidently, one of the people in our industry I used as a reference told him what was up. I guess you can't really count on people to keep their vow of secrecy. I told him that I really really had to be sure I had my ducks in a row before I told him, in case he didn't react well and I got tossed out, losing the deals I had set to close. Well, he couldn't really understand that and I feel sort of badly for hurting his feelings. I misjudged him badly but, it was just one of those situations where I really needed to err on the side of caution. I have my family to think about. All in all, he's kool, has offered to help in any way he can, even telling me that the door is open if this new biz doesnt work out for me. More than I could have even hoped for! (Thanks HP!!)


my wife, son and doggie
my family
my in-laws
good friends
coffee shops with free internet and a great mocha
clean carpets and fresh paint (without having to pay for it or do it myself)
excellent landlords
fear of failure
faith that even if I fail, things will be ok
12 steps
that my friend might even still call me to play in the golf league we're in (but probably not)


Tab said...

Sounds like things are moving along so nicely for you these days Scott.
Funny your friend was hurt but still offered you his support.Just goes to show sometimes we can underestimate what others think of us.Your friend seems to still like you, guess you will find out later down the road huh?
lol..its all good.
You have some new doors opening,keep us posted best ya can,sounds good!!!
Your list is great, I really appreciate you including the fear of failure.This course I am in at school has really made me face that f'ing fear,it still creeps in but I use it as fuel to fight it!I'm winning too!
Have a fab' weekend.
Thanks for sharing~

BigSkymAAck said...

You might be surprised if the friendship is as good as he says, you could be golfing together. I am glad that you are getting things lined out for yourself.

Mary Christine said...

A lot of sober stuff.

dAAve said...

good stuff.
maybe you can find a golf course with internet access after each hole.

Tracie said...

Good luck on your new adventure. Free internet and good coffee. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me.

Sober Chick said...

Free internet and coffee are wonderful together. Congrats on all the new changes.

Scott W said...

Great list! Hope you weekend is memorable.