Monday, May 08, 2006


Its been a busy time, and getting busier! I wish had more time to post but, with everything that has been going on, I have been too dang busy! (which aint entirely a bad thing) I am trying to get my new office set up, find space, negotiate a lease, put together a budget and business plan, and prepare for my training in Houston. (look out Houstonians, here I come!) All of this while still trying to close up the business I have going with my current employer/friend. The best part, is that I have to sneak around and get this all done without his knowledge. Once I get back from Texas, I will have to sit down and explain everything thats going on. I can't do that however, until I get all my deals closed, jsut in case of freak out. I don't think he will go postal, but where money and business are concerned, you just never know so, I think it's best that I keep my mouth shut until I am ready to take the plunge. I just hate lying to him because we're good friends. I think once we sit down and talk, things will end up being fine. He knows that I would never do anything to take business or money or materials from him. I'd never do anything to damage his business or reputation. And moreover, I would technically be competing with him, but he gets 100% of his business from his family and friends and his network. So, I wouldn't be a threat to him anyhow. I just hate all this cloak and dagger crap he he.

More importantly, yesterday was my our 1st wedding anniversary. We spent the day hanging out, went to Mass, exchanged gifts, watched our wedding video, went to dinner, hung out, went to my wife's home group meeting (which we never attend together) took a long walk..... all with our son of course, and our pooch. It was a nice quiet day of reflection and hangin out as a family. It's kinda wierd cuz we've been together 7 yrs, living together for 5 and a half years so, besides the whole getting married/wedding thing, nothing has really changed. So, to celebrate an anniversary was a little different since we've never done that before. All in all, it was nice! We had a small, short sweet simple wedding, and we followed that up with a small, quiet, sweet, simple 1st anniversary. We aren't much for going out alot, or getting together with lots of friends and family. I guess its that alcoholic isolation type thing hangin on.

Today, I feel a bit uptight, very apprehensive. All of this job stuff has been talking and conjecture until this point. This is the week where the rubber meets the road. Its time to stop talking, and start doing. The good thing is that the success or failure is all up to me, no "boss", no safety net, etc. The bad thing is, the success or failure of this thing is up to me he he! The great thing is, that I have a HP to guide me if I choose to open my heart and allow His Will and Strength to flow through me. I have my wife to help and support me, my son and dog to help me relax and take my mind of stuff when it gets too insane. I have the talents and gifts God gave me to make this stuff work. And, I have my bill collectors, to help me stay motivated and focussed on the task at hand!

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