Wednesday, May 03, 2006

the winds of change...

Change, even when asked/hoped for, is the most feared thing in the life of the alcoholic (except maybe other than running outta booze/drugs).

Yesterday afternoon I got the call. I got the call I had been hoping for (but not praying for, God's will only). The CEO of that mortgage co called out of the blue and we had an impromptu 10 minute phone interview. At the conclusion of our conversation he invited me to (guess where... pause for dramatic effect)

HOUSTON! for my training as a new Branch Manager. I will be down that way the week of 5/15/06, staying out near 290/Pinemont 610/Ella. Anyhow, I have preparing for, fearful of, dreading, hoping for, anxious to hear about, so on so forth... this little venture for awhile now. WhenI hung up my cell phone yesterday, i wanted to do cartwheels back to my desk!! But, since I was at work with the company I will soon be leaving, I had to maintain (not easy for a fellow who wears his hear ton his sleeve). As this all sinks in I am excited, relieved to be moving on, fearful as hell and a little bit giddy. I am glad tonite is home group nite!

I have to cut this short as I am meeting a cusomter in 10 mins! Yee Haw!!


my family (yes, you too Comso)
long trips
returning home
not changing
new opportunities
something to look forward to
that I have lost nearly all the 7 lbs I put on while eating like a madman on vacation!
bloggage, I missed y'all!


Lex-Sunshine said...

That's BEYOND AWESOME!!!! : ) Congratulations!!!!! And come on down!!!! Um, its HOT & HUMID, so you'll feel right at home. Welcome back to blogging regularly!

I'm sure we can come up with a plan before you get here. When you're here we can meet up with dAAve and Scott W and hit a meeting!! How exciting~

Scott said...

exactly, I would really love to meet y'all!!

Rex said...

Congrats and best of luck to you. When you guys meet up take pictures so we all can see them.

Shannon said...

OMG so you have to go meet everyone scotty!!!!
I am excited and happy for you

dAAve said...

re: what lex-sunshine said
We can get together for a meeting, certainly at Lambda (see link on my sidebar) and also at lex's AA venue.
Oh goody! A blogger picture waiting to be snapped.

Tab said...

Life sounds good Scott!
Where do you think you last saw the seven pounds?Did ya leave them on the dashboard maybe? LOL
Thanks for sharing~

Mary Christine said...

Wow. YOu get to go to Sober Blogger Mecca! I cannot wait to hear how this all evolves...

Sober Chick said...

I am so happy for you! Whoot-Toot! Change is scary. I love how you open your post with it being compared to one of us not having enough alcohol. LOL.

You sound like you are doing cart-wheels in your post. Hee-hee!

snackiepoo said...

Congratulations! Isn't it funny how NOT putting all of these expectations in our little jar helps them actually come true faster???

Yeah, alkies and change. It took me forever to realize that change is a good thing, however my problem was always speed so we're used to moving and grooving ;).

BigSkymAAck said...

Congratulations on the new appointment. I haope your journey through this chapter of your life is rewarding.

Anna said...