Sunday, June 11, 2006

71 years old, wow!

My friend Mary Christine in Colorado had a great post yesterday about the birth of AA. It got me to thinking about how obviously grateful I am to BIll W. and Dr. Bob and all those who followed, paving the way, keeping the doors open so that I might find the rooms, and change my life forever. If it weren't for AA, in June 1996, 4 mos sober I wouldn't have had the courage to leave the comfort of McDonald's and venture into the shirt and tie world of mortgage finance (with no experience or clue). AA and HP gave me the courage and opportunity to leave the company I was with in 1997 and go off to help start a new mortgage company, which led me to live in the part of Ohio I live in now. This led me to many people in and out of AA in this area, not the least of which are: the friend who gave me a job back with that company we started in 1997 when I lost my sweet plastics gig in 2003 and was facing big time money/unemployment problems, the friend who got me the interview for that company he owned/owns still) plastics job (who I am golfing with tomorrow, a home group member), and not the least of which my wife, who was only a couple weeks sober on our first date (I know, bad, bad boy, our motives were good, another story, another day...). And of course, after meeting her in 1999, we date, fall in love and all of that, have a son in 2001 ( all we were hoping for was a puppy, thanks HP), buy a home the following spring and decide, hey why not just get crazy and get married, May 7th, 2005 7 yrs after our 1st date. (Of course, there's a billion other things that have happened to me, that I have to be grateful for...)

My point is... Thanks AA, Thanks HP for all you've given us and millions of others. AA has changed and saved so many lievs... There is simply no way it happened without an HP. So, if you're still struggling with your faith, with Step 2, hang your faith on the fact that AA is given to us, and maintained for us by a Higher Power. It simply couldn't have happened any other way! Thanks Mary Christine for the great post that got me thinking this morning! I will be smiling in church this morning!!


Anonymous said...

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BigSkymAAck said...

Well I am not into extra money as above. I really liked your post today. Someday maybe the blogging group should get together in Akron.

dAAve said...

yes, of course.

Mary Christine said...

Thanks yourself Scott!

And I am down for a bloggers convention in Akron! 855 Ardmore anyone?

Sober Chick said...

I heard Joe, or maybe it was Charlie, one of them said that they thought God got tired of seeing all these alcoholics dying from the Dz hence thru Bill and Bob used them to develop AA -- for us to follow, get sick and find God.

They say it much better, but nevertheless I am so grateful for this spiritual solution today.

Lex-Sunshine said...

Isn't it awesome! 71 years sounds like an eternity to me! I love that I'm a small part of something so big and old and wonderful and new (*all at the same time!)

Shannon said...

yea. lets all meet in AKRON!
and whats up with the spamm, stupis spamm... LMOA
Have a great day Scott!!!!

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