Saturday, June 10, 2006

Extreme Cosmo Makeover!

Ok, so, the other day, walking thru Wal-Mart, I decide to buy some clippers for the dog. I have been agonizing over whether to clip her, have her groomed or just let her continue to grow wild and wooly, only to have people respond in shock when we tell them she is in fact a Parson (Jack) Russell Terrier. Nite before last, and my wife is taking Ian to some craft thingee at the library, I decide this is the nite... I get everything all set up, comb her out, she only escaped me twice to run into the bushes and re-cover herself in mulch and dirt before I wized up and closed the garage door... Amazingly, she got used to the clippers enough so that by the time we were done, I was no longer fighting her to keep her in front of me, she was actually standing there (albeit trembling fiercely) while I did my best to make her look like a JRT again. Here's some photos, the first 4 are from before (her 1st birthday, this past March) and the rest are from after the "grooming" was complete! I don't think I have done any irreparable harm. Not bad for my one and only attempt at dog grooming!

It seemed as if she came through unscathed, but she ended up puking on my recliner (she never pukes, loves my chair). I think it was her way of telling me she didn't really care for the grooming session. What do you think? We have since made up. The funny thing is, she is such a chicken, she would hardly even let me take her pics this morning... Cute doggie, we love her so much! That's our Cosmo (for those of you with small children, yes, Ian named her after the lil dude on Fairly Odd Parents).


Anonymous said...

OH MY Goodness - how adorable! You know how both of our babies have the big black button on the end of their noses. So cuute. Our Lucy is pretty much the same way, except I'm not brave enough to clip her myself, especially her toenails! I think it hurts me more than her!

What would we do without our furry children??
Have a good one Scott.

Shannon said...

OOOH that is sooo cute Scott... LOL
I am still giggling, hold on....

whew ok
I think you did a great job grooming her
she is beautiful
I love that you had a brthday party for her! you are soo COOL

BigSkymAAck said...

Not bad for a first timer. I would not even think of that. Oh Oh where did the tail go???????

Tab said...

LOL..guess that makes you a fairy odd parent then doesn't it? great pics!

dAAve said...

keep coming back

Mary Christine said...

Lucky dog!

kate said...

soooooooo cute!! I have a maltese and he has the same pigmentation on his belly!

I am a bad pet owner... I let his BD come and go without fanfare! lol

cheers! Kate

Sober Chick said...

Look at her freckles on that belly! You know, I clip and clean my own baby. I have been doing it since she was 8 weeks old. She is 9 years old. She is a mix, border collie and aussie = medium hair. I went thru 3 clippers, one form Target, old ones we had and one just bought from PetSmart. They all SUCKED! I gave in and got a heavy duty kind at HANS, the kind the professinals use. I cannot tell you the difference. Olive even loves them!!!

I groom her every month, takes about 3-4 hours. I am anal, kind of like I let no one wash my truck cuz only I know how to wash it like I want it. Yup, I am sick little one, need some work still. LOL.

Cosmo has the forgiving nature, and at the end of the day she is gonna be loyal to you! Hehehe, I love her nose. Thanks for sharing the pics!

Scott W said...

Cosmo is the bushiest JRT I have ever seen, but what a cutie.

Thankfully, the only grooming Bunny needs is to wipe his eyes off occasionally.