Saturday, June 10, 2006

Morning has broken...

I love this time of day. I awoke to the sounds of birds singing through our bedroom window. It was only 6:37 and I love to sleep in until 8 on Saturdays and Sundays, but I was ready to get up. I am in my "office" here at home, a sweet, soft summer rain has begun to fall and I am enjoying that sound and smell as I read my friends, drink some coffee and share my recovery with you.

Last evening's Relay was something else. This is the 2nd year in a row we have gone, and i think it has become a bit of a spiritual tradition for my family. I hope so! I never realized just how many people are affected by Cancer until I attended this event last year. It feels good to pray with and for people dealing with this disease, it feels good to give a little bit of money and hopefully participate in what will eventually bring about a cure.

Here in a little while, I will hop in the car, go buy the Saturday weekend edition newspapers from three neighboring communities, grab some nasty fast food bag of yucko breakfast grease (hey, it's what I do on Saturday mornings, cmon) and head over to the county jail for our weekly AA meeting. Some AA friends I had just met after moving to this area in 1998 got me to my first jail meeting, and I have been coming back faithfully ever since. I'd like to think I do it for some higher, altruisitic reasons. But, for real... I go there to hear the doors clang twice, and to remind myself firsthand of what I have to look forward to should I decide to pick up a drink or drug. You see, I had never had the pleasure of being incarcerated (not that I didn't deserve to be, oh yeah...). So, this has become a vital part of my program. It never fails to be the best meeting I go to! For whatever reason, I get a TON out of being a part of this meeting. Today, I think I may bring up the topic of gratitude... I am feeling especially grateful this morning...

grateful for:

the smell of a summer morning rain
the relaxing sounds of a small town, midwest summer morning to wake up to
the mumbled groggy "are you going somewhere??" as my wife turns to see what the commotion is all about while I dress for the day
my sleeping boy, so peaceful, surrounded by all his "critters" as he calls them, his 8 or so best stuffed friends...
the prospect of another great AA meeting, and a chance to help some folks who might need or want it
my Saturday papers, my bag of McBreakfast, my Sirius radio and a quiet parking lot at the jail...
AA, sobriety and the health HP has blessed me with
my wife son and doggie (oh, and I keep forgetting Bilbo the 2.5 yr old Beta fish)
that HP put Teddy in my life before calling him home
that I had the courage to attend Teddy's 4 hr incredible funeral where I knew hardly anyone
that my wife's cousin won her battle and gives support to those fighting Cancer
Relay for Life

the list goes on...


psychbaby said...

mmm, I can just feel your morning Scott.

I used to enjoy that part of the day the most also, but now I flipped it around - stay up until 3 a.m., get up after everyone else settled.

I enjoy the quiet of the darkness at 2 in the morning. Kind of a lonelier feeling though, compared to the freshness and the beginning of a new day - but just as much a time of reflection... what I can do tomorrow to improve my life and others around me.

dAAve said...

and on and on and on.

nice post Scott.