Friday, June 23, 2006

miscellaneous debris II

Wed nite, we had an excellent home group, thanks to dAAve! I finally visited the Sobriety Society and checked out this week's topic. It got me thinking about things, and I decided to share the topic with my home group, since I was chairing Wed. nite. We had an excellent discussion, so thanks dAAve for a great topic! Oh, and dAAve, I hope you enjoyed the Chicken Fried Steak yesterday at lunchtime! You just can't get a good CFS up here in Ohio! It was really great to hear your voice!

Also, thanks to JJ and Scott W. for hooking me up with the super secret sauce recipie so I could join HNT. very kool! And, if you haven't seen the Art of Scott W. well, just click that... Wow, I love it!

Wow, I just went to get on the various sites to insert the links here and discovered that somehow, a butt ton of my bookmarks (faves) are simply gone.... grrrr... (like most of my bloggage bookmarks, he he. Why do computers do these silly things?? I know, input=output; garbage in, garbage out, I am sure I did something wrong somewhere... I will fix this!! And most importantly, I am laughing, rather than cursing!! Thanks HP!



Scott W said...

Scott, Thanks for the comments/compliments. You should know by now that for a big enough price, anything is for sale. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Shannon said...

right on Scotty!!!! happy FridAAy!

dAAve said...

You're welcome, Scott and thanks Scott. I like Scott's art too. Who makes paper towels?

And the Chicken Fried Steak was scrumptious along with the mashed potatoes and black-eyed-peas. And the homemade rolls. ummmmmmmmm


Really where have you been all this time and why haven't I found you sooner? Our little recovery blogging community is AWESOME! Welcome to HNT.
I see you,