Saturday, June 24, 2006

busy bees...

We have a busy sober weekend on our hands! Last nite was the culmination of Ian's first ever vacation bible school week. All the kids (approx 100) had their big performance in the church, it was wonderful! I had to leave after the first three songs, because I had a gig of my own as well. The dance band I am playing with has our first concert of the summer last nite and it went really well, it was a ton of fun!

Today we are going to go visit my dad and his wife a couple hrs away, then it's off to a wedding, then 2 hrs back home. Tomorrow, Ian's group sings again in church, before Mass. Then, we spend the day at one of our favorite local festivals. So, action packed indeed!! We're definitely thanking HP for the perfect weather. Especially after the thunderstorms and tornados we had Thursday afternoon, Holy Smokes! I am also grateful that I went ahead and mowed late Thursday nite even though it was kinda wet. Cuz, man my neighbors grass is looooong, and I wont have time to mow again til Monday!

It should be a fun weekend (with the exception of missing my jail meeting this morning) all in all. I know last nite was a ball bvetween watchin Ian and playing my first dance band gig since getting sober. I was fired from the pro dance band I was in thru college and after grad school. I believe it may have had something to do with my being drunk all the time during performances. It's pretty sad when the really old, always drunk, mostly deaf bandleader has to fire me for not being up to snuff because of my drinking... I wish I had had a chance to make amends to Stan before he passed.... I think I just might pray on that one a bit!


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dAAve said...

Good weekend.
You're making that amends now!