Sunday, June 25, 2006

it's been awhile...

gratitude time (wow, I am making this list BEFORE I begin to feel yucky, hey there's an idea!)

my wife, son and doggie
the sweet smells of a cool summer Sunday morning walk with Cosmo (doggie)
my cousin's lovely wedding in a church I normally would not have attended (I love that)
the ability to ALMOST cry at her wedding because I felt so overwhelmed with the happiness of the occasion, sitting there with my wife of just over 1 yr...
to run into some recovering people from the old stompin' ground I've not seen in a long time (the bride's dad is a member)
that there was nothing derogatory said to me or by me between my step sister, her mom and I
that we're about to get ready and head to Mass, where Ian's vacation bible school class is singing this morning
that my sponsee's mom is ok, it wasn't a stroke, just a reaction to her pain meds/anethesia from her hip replacement surgery
that he chose to call me when his mom was in a bad way Thursday
that HP put me there for him
Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey and all the other incredible musicians that made the Big Band era possible
that in 4th grade, my parents made me play the trombone, rather than the drums I wanted to play so badly
that JJ and Scott W took the time to help me with HNT
that dAAve interrupted his delicious Chicken Fried Steak lunch to talk with me for a moment on the cell phone this week
that I figured out how to put all my bloggers in one folder in my bookmarks, and get them into my toolbar for easy access
for the terrifying opportunity of opening this new mortgage office
for the courage to invest myself, our money and our time into something that may be a huge success or may fail
for the support of my wife and family as we work to start this up
for the occasional serenity and peace of mind that's been my HP's gift to me the past several months
for my HP bringing me to the point in recovery that I have found a faith I love in the Catholic Church, and the courage to decide to join
that HP put me in a place (AA) to marry a Catholic girl, which led me to play in church and the dance band I just joined
for my blogging friends, I wish I could express just how much you've re-shaped my recovery and my life
for that inspirational photo by Sober Chick
for Scott W.'s incredible artwork
for the courage of the firefighters out West battling the raging forest fires
that I am free of resentment toward the transient who's fire started the Oak Creek Canyon fire
for the really kool festival we're going to spend the day at together, my wife, son, doggie and me

ok, I really have to go get ready for Church... I could go on and on...


It's InTheBook said...

What a beautiful list. :-)

Mary Christine said...

Good Stuff, thanks for sharing.

dAAve said...

Aww, go ahead. Go on and on and on.

BigSkymAAck said...

That is some kind of list. It appears that you have just a few things you are grateful for.

Sober Chick said...

OMG, we totally had similar wedding feeling thing-ies! LOL. I too was at a wedding this weekend and was so emotionally IN IT! Saweeet! I understand the language you speak my friend.

I love the color break up you did here, yay color, we all live in a colorful workd today blessed by our HPs!

Trudging said...

Sounds like you have lots of gifts.