Thursday, July 13, 2006

Geeze, I don't think I have ever posted so much in one day, man... Ian and I went on a 90 minute bike ride tonite after dinner, after shoe shopping, after T-Ball, after "work".... It was really nice, one of those summer moments I'll cherish forever I think...

I am feeling strangely serene tonite, perhaps it's merely exhaustion. It's kinda funny because right now with all the annoying holdups of this State license thing going on preventing me from getting the new office open, I really should be about at my wits end. I am totally not. Money is going to be getting tight here before a whole lot longer and still no idea when I can open up. I love this, because I am calm and serene while totally not getting my way! I marvel at HP's ability to fill my life with His Grace, my heart with His Calm, my eyes with His beauty... I know in my heart of hearts, that everything will be alright, because it will be what He wants it to be... I know He will provide for my family and me as long as I do my best to align my will with His and do the next right thing in front of me (which is probably not to blog all day tomorrow!)

I blogged for a looong time today while at the office. It was sort of like playing hooky, but really there just wasn't anything going on. Well, there's always something that can be done but today, I guess I needed to blog, read recovery blogs and so forth. So, that's pretty much what I did, and here I sit doing it some more. It still never ceases to amaze me how we (AA blogger peeps) can become so close on here, and not really ever meet or "know" one another. It's the magic of AA and recovery. We're all so different and yet so much the same, coming out of the same Hell of alcoholism and addiction to live again in the Sunlight of the Spirit, only to share it with others who similarly suffered.

I am off to do a bit of reading before I flip on "G++d Ea+s" on the F++d N+twork (as I try to lose weight, nice!) and lie in bed. That guy is my fave host on the FN... (sorry for the code... lol I'd hate to have my blog pop up in a search for that program!)

Prayer for the evening:

HP, thank you for this day and everything in it... Thank you for continuing to give me the Grace to stay sober... Thank you for removing my resentments today, allowing me to bask in the warmth of your unconditonal love. Thank you for my family and our blessings, good health, a place to live, a life of relative happiness a day at a time.

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lash505 said...

Its the whole sharing you life. Nice