Friday, July 14, 2006

God, Grant me the Serenity....

Prayer for the Day:

God/HP, please help me to be free from resentment and self pity, most especially with regard to my copier "salesman" and the State. Please help me to remember that no matter what happens, You will see that things in my life are as they are supposed to be. Please help me not to hurt anyone today, myself included. God/HP, give me the Grace to treat people with respect as I deal with a potentially expensive office equipment issue. Help me to be the best salesperson/service person I can be in order to offset those in my profession who suck so bad...
Thank you for the gift of another sober day!

This goofy copier shit just keeps getting better. It's time to tactfully contact the national account mgr (later today, after some time had elapsed since I opened my fist invoice for my new copier...). The "salesman" I have been dealing with is AWOL once again... Frankly, this entire business venture has been a major patience tester to say the least. I am sure I am not the only fellow to have difficulties in getting a project off the ground. But, it would be pretty nifty if I could find someone out there willing to do what they say they are doing... Evidently, that is ALOT to ask of today's professional sales and service people.

Thanks to HP and AA for teaching me how to take care of my customers. And thanks to them for this most recent reminder of how NOT to treat customers! I hope I can remember how important it is to under promise and way over deliver. In my business, if I can do that, I will never have to worry about a paycheck again. The percentage of mortgage and real estate professionals who actually take good care of their customers is in the single digits, no question!

peace to me :-) (and you too!!)


It's InTheBook said...

Maybe you should have bought an HP copier. Hee hee

Okay, maybe that wasn't funny NOW, but later you will find it hilarious. Seriously.

I'm with you man. Read my blog about yesterday.


Scott said...

ok, that is too damn funny!!! thank you for the belly laff!!

sirreene said...

It is wonderful to have steps that we can use in all aspects of our daily lives.