Tuesday, July 25, 2006

God is good! Happy B-Day mom!

Prayer for the day:

God/HP, thank you for a shot at another sober day... Please help me to remember where I came from before stumbling into the rooms of AA. I pray that you might direct my thinking today, keep me free from guilt, anger, self-pity, resentment... Please help me to remember that everyone has a right to be who they are, and it's not my place to judge... I pray that I remember to take a moment here and there during the day to bask in the Glory of the Sunlight of Your Spirit...

It feels so good to begin the day with a connection to HP. It sets me up to seek His Will throughout the day. I love to take a few mins now and then to just sit and center myelf in His Siprit, opening my heart and letting His Warmth flow out into my body... mmmmmm now there's a High I can live with!

peace to you all...

PS- I posted some pics on my image site, let's who can guess the city... It's one of my faves in the US!

PSS- OOOOOOOHH big day for my mom, it's her B-Day.... I mailed her some cards that should really make her day.... I am sooo blessed to have a mom who has always been there for me and always had the courage to tell me the truth, even if it hurt me to hear it. Thanks, HP for such a great Mom!


SCoUt said...

Happy Birthday to Mom!
Thanks for always sharing your prayers and your spirituality with us, Scott. It is more helpful to me than you probably realize.
You are awesome!

dAAve said...

That first-thing-in-the-morning conscious contact can make ALL the difference in my day. For me, it begins with a prayer as I get out of bed and continues with a daily 6:30am AA meeting.

Sober Chick said...


Happy Birthday Mom!

2day is my Mom's 50th birthday, LOL. Is this coincidental?

I know your mom is grateful to have a sober son. So much courage to tell you the truth and love you when you when you were living in darkness.

Lex-Sunshine said...

Happy Bday to mom! Good to read you and catch up! Keep up the good work on the diet/exercise. It will all pay off!

LOVE the 'Mayberry' weekend : )

and the pics : ) from one of your favorite cities : )

Shannon said...

I am gonna guess Houston is the city... thanks for the prayer this morning... I used it too in conjuntion with my others... :)
and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SCOTTS MOM... I am sure she is proud of you scott!!! YAY

Mary Christine said...

Happy Birthday to Scott's Mom! A sober son is a pretty darn good present!

Carly said...

What a beautiful post! Happy Birthday to your Mama!

Rex said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom! Great prayer, I love it.

lash505 said...

Happy B day to your mom. A lot of mom shit in the air. The prayer kicked ass.

Anonymous said...

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