Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Where's all the fish?

Ian and I went to a fishing derby last nite. I guess is was a part of some national thing put on by Wal-Mart or some such. While we didn't catch a thing, we had fun hanging out. It was tough for him to be just hanging round, rather than running around like a maniac, but we stayed for the whole thing, watched everyone get their prizes. A 7 yr old girl caught the most fish, 24 in 90 mins. A 6 yr old girl caught the largest fish, a 14.5" Bass. All in all, a pretty nifty way to spend a beautiful summer evening, even if I was feeling a little "less than a kick ass dad" for not helping Ian catch anything. I used to be good at fishing...

Prayer for the day:

God/HP, thank you for Your Grace and Will in my life today. Without You, my sobriety would not be possible, help me never to forget that. Help me to remember that the single most important thing in my life is my recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. God, help me stay the course with my new business venture, and not worry about cash, but focus on the task at hand: helping people with their mortgage needs the best, most ethical way I know how. Money will take care of itself, you've never let me starve in the past, I have faith you'll take care of us now.


SCoUt said...

24 fish in 90 minutes? Holy fish fry, Batman!! That's what I call "jumping in the boat!"
I, too, wish Ian could've caught some, but that's the way fishing goes, huh, Dad.
Sounds like you two had a nice time together in spite of the lack of fish for you.
Peace, Scott,

Tab said...

The fact you take time out for Ian is totally kick ass ....!
When we took our little bear and daughter fishing on our last trip we didn't catch anything and you know what conclusion little bear came up with..."I guess those people on the other side of the lake caught all the fish" NO are cool!
I love this prayer you shared with are one layered human with much to be grateful for and your not afraid to show and share it.Thank you.

Shannon said...

OOH Scott... LOL I am laughing because me and hubby both dont catch much fish ( meaning NONE) when we go out... LOL
we will be around a bunch of other people pulling them in, we are using same bait, same casting style... LOL and nothing... oh well glad you had fun

Mary Christine said...

It is good for Ian to learn that sometimes we don't catch any fish! How nice that he has a sober dad to do stuff with him.

Gwen said...

Reid loves to go fishing. We have not done a derby. He usually goes with John or his cousins. Glad you had some fun.


Anonymous said...

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