Friday, July 21, 2006

gratitude, sober blessings

It feels so good to be up and running, scary as it all is. Now the push is on to build business, get deals going & market the place. I've spent the week sending out press releases to local papers, contacting the realtors I worked with through the other company, setting up software and computer stuff with corporate, etc. It's been a blast!! I've even got one loan about ready to close, and the customers couldn't be happier...

So, this afternoon, it's time for a little golfage. I am meeting a sponsee, a former sponsee, and a former boss (the one who cut my position about 3 yrs ago, sending me back to the mortgage biz....) for a round of golf. I am really looking forward to taking a little bit of time for myself,a nd spending that time with really good friends. I think one of the miracles of recovery and a spiritual life is that I can have a good friendship with a man who made such and instant, surprising, drastic change in my professional life. I struggled with resentment over that one for along time... It was a business move plain and simple and frankly, if I had been doing a better job, I might have given them sufficient reason not to cut my position.

Anyhow, that's what's up!

Prayer for the day:

God/HP, thank you for Your continued Grace and Blessings in my life, and the lives of my family and friends. I pray for Your Will and Grace in the lives of those who are struggling. Thank you for othe Blessing of a bunch of hard work and opportunity in front of me today. And thanks to You for showing my forefathers in Scotland the way to invent golf! Please help me to not take myself so seriously today, that I might find humor in my little foul ups and hassles...

peace to you all... TGIF!


SCoUt said...

Golf! You could use some relaxation time with some good people, Scott.
Hope you have a nice day and a great weekend.
Thanks again for all your support!

dAAve said...

Have a great weekend Scott.
And get by the driving range with you know who.

lash505 said...

That is great about the biz. Great vibes, however I can kick your ass in golf. add this to your resentment list. lol lol

Mary Christine said...

Have fun. Sounds all good.

Tab said...

What a great post Scott!
You sound so balanced :)
LOL @ Lash.