Thursday, July 20, 2006

Happy half-nAAked Thursday!

Ok, Father's Day at the lake, hanging out with friends at the cottage they rent each summer... I am sure many of you are dying to caption this so... have at it! (yeah, that's me...)

I knew I had to share this on HNT once my wife showed this to me. I cannot believe she caught this moment! It's a fine exrepssion of how I tend to live life!

Prayer for the day...

God/HP, please help me live in Your Will today. I love the life You've given me through sobriety and I thank you for Your Blessings and Your Grace. Please help me to help others, and carry an attitude of service in my professional dealings, rather than an attitude of "I need money..." I know in my heart of hearts, you will provide for my family and me if I seek Your will and do my best to follow Your Guidance.


dAAve said...

at least it wasn't feet first

sirreene said...

is it me, or did you lose a ball?

SCoUt said...

How about calling it --
"We are going to know a new freedom and a new happiness."
That's what I see anyway when I look at this awesome pic.
Thanks for sharing it and thanks for wishing me a happy x2!!!


I'm sure you went right into the perfect dive right after this picture was taken.
I see you,

Shannon said...

go Scotty go!

Designer Girl said...

I LOVE this pic!!!

I see a man, fully in love with life, who's willing to take it in the gut!