Friday, July 28, 2006

gremlins, gremlins, you in there??

(looking around cautiously as I get started this morning in the office, wondering if the gremlins have left the building....) All seems well thus far, 'cept I think my cell phone has a few issues, but it's under warranty, and the store is a half a block down the street....

Whew, yesterday was sure one of those silly days all day long... I am hoping that it is now safely tucked away in the "this too shall pass" file, and that it has passed, he he! Thanks to all who come by so often for all the wonderful comments. I've been feeling a little guilty of late, I have had barely enough time to post, and not much time to get out and read y'all... so, this weekend, at some point I will try to do some catching up.

I think mama bear and I are going to take Ian to the Zoo tomorrow. There's a great children's zoo in Ft Wayne so I think we'll check that out... It is a manageable size, it's really a beautiful place and you can get through the entire thing in one visit. So, that should be fun... Also, alterior motive, there is a really great restaurant along the way... Hey, it's an honest program, he he.

Prayer for the day:

God/HP, thank you for Your Gift of continued sobriety, health and wellness... Thank You for blessing us with Ian, when all we really wanted was a puppy! It's just more proof that You know what we need more than we will ever know. God, please help me to remember that I need not worry about money or material things. I know in my heart of hearts that You give me all I need, I just forget sometimes. Help me remember that I am third... You, my fellow person, then me. If I can keep my life and my will intertwined with Yours, I know things will always be ok. Please help me remember that I am in business yes, to make money, but really my business is to help others, and for that I am paid with more than money. So, help me to focus on the helping others part, the rest will follow.

peace to y'all, TGIF!


Lex-Sunshine said...

Wonderful post! Wonderful prayer! Wonderful you! happy Friday!

Tab said... are so funny Scott!
What restaruant is it? hehehe
I love how much time you share with your loved is so important.
Equally is this program you live by .
You sound so strong and willing to learn and share.Thanks for being you!

SCoUt said...

You got Ian when all you wanted was a puppy--that is way too funny. What a wonderful gift for you both!
Have fun at the zoo.

Mary Christine said...

Happy Friday. I will await pictures from the zoo.

dAAve said...

a puppy

lash505 said...

Have fun and stay out of the bear cage. lol

Scott W said...

I haven't done my gremlin check in days. Thanks for reminding me.

Designer Girl said...

I love that you start each day with a prayer. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful prayer this morning.