Sunday, July 02, 2006

housekeeping... (literally)

Good morning! I went over to Sobriety Society and "posted" a new topic. I didn't know how to actually post it, so I started it under the comments from this past week's topic. I am hoping someone can help with getting it out as a post, and maybe let me know how they did that!

I updated my playlist, had to put in some new tunes, kept a few of the old ones, check em out, comment, etc. Bottom right on my blog, in the side bar.

I'd like to welcome Scout to our recovery blogging world!

Today, I drive my wife to the airport. Sadly, we lost Great Granny Phoenix on Wed nite, she is heading out to be with her family out there until next Sunday. Ian and I will be "bach"ing it for the first time ever. My poor wife is such a homebody, and really need to be around her peeps to feel her best. So, this is going to be tough on her. She has never left Ian and me behind at the same time. Heck, she has never been away from Ian except for one time for a couple days. So, this is a way big deal for her. Ian and I will be fine... sorta! (as fine as a 10 yr old and a 4 yr old can be!) It should be an interesting week! I am hoping that I can open my office this coming Friday (assuming the state gets my license approved...). We have swim lessons, story tmie, visits to the "big pool", the whole magilla! As soon as all this went down with Granny I told her she should probably get right out there to be with her mom, and that she would probably have an easier time of it without the boy. I know this is the right thing to do, as difficult as it may be for her. She doesn't need the insanity of a 4 yr old dervish while she's moving stuff, attending a funeral, handling family biz, etc. And Ian probably doesnt need to be witnessing all of that!

So, off we go on our little adventure! Thank God, I have never maintained the attitude that "I work, she deoesn't, she stays home with the boy..." I would definitely be getting my come uppance if I had. I know better, her job is way more important than mine, and easily as difficult and challenging, if not more so. I wish more people could understand that one!

Anyhow, wish us luck, we may need it!

peace to you all!


Gwen said...

Good luck. It will be great for you two.


Carly said...

Good luck, although you have such a fantastic attitude, I bet you two will have a wonderful time baching it!

Hope your wife does OK. I totally get the homebody + peeps needs.

Sober Chick said...

Thank you. I have been meaning to go over there and post. Finally got around to it. So now I am back catching up on your life. Thanks for the topic. It really helps to know others in recovery are dealing with the chemical imbalances as I. Once again it is proven that I am not alone.