Saturday, July 01, 2006

a quickienugget

Good morning all... sucking down some coffee, hoping my raging sinus headache departs soon... I read an awesome devotional in One Day at a Time in Al-Anon today, July 1st... "This is learned in Al-Anon, that the man (ok woman) I married cannot be the source of my happiness or sorrow. The gift of life is personally mine -- as his (her) life belongs to him (her) -- to enjoy or destroy, as each of us wishes." Today's reminder- "Adjusting myself to things as thye are, and being able to love without trying to interfere with or control anyone else, however close to me -- that is what I search for and can find in Al-Anon. The learning is sometimes painful; the reward is life itself -- rich, full and serene."

Oh yeah, that's where I am right now. I have got to get better at "creating my own weather" as Dr. Steven Covey (of 7 Habits fame) suggests we do. Whether it's my wife, son, dog, customer, etc. -- I have to improve my ability to let go, let God, and keep the focus on me. Protecting my emotional sobriety has become very important to me. The loss of that begins the loss of physical sobriety...

peace to you all!!

(jj I am jealous!)


Mary Christine said...

Thanks Scott. I really needed to read that tonight.

It's InTheBook said...

Scott, I'll comment to the Sobriety Society topic once they make it a post. I dunno how to do that either. Meanwhile, thanks for making a topic.

Best of luck being Mr. Mom.


Gwen said...

Protecting that emotional sobriety is work. At least some times. I am getting better at it. Slowly ;)