Friday, July 07, 2006

let the countdown begin!

Ian and I are definitely ready for mommy to come home! Her flight arrives at 4 pm Sunday and we'll be there to greet her, no matter what the short term parking cost, he he. My mom and step-dad came for a visit yesterday, stayed until this afternoon and spoiled the shit outta Ian (which is fine, it's their job and their right!) When I got back from the office and they left, I took Ian over to the "big pool" as he calls it.. We splashed around there for about 90 mins, came home and just finished dinner. Tonite is laundry nite!

I don't care what those male chauvenists say, women who do not work outside the home but stay home and raise children, work their asses off, plain and simple. Thankfully I knew this, and am not remotely close to being one of the chauvenistic types. This shit is some seriously draining work, he he! Come home soon mommy, we miss you!


good health
that I might actually learn some patience, thanks to the State of Ohio
for the week I have had, alone with my son
that tomorrow is Saturday
that i got some good work done today at the office
for the fun dance band rehearsal last evening
for Ian's T-ball class, what a hoot!
for grandparents!
that mommy will be home soon!

peace to you all!



If moms were paid for all the jobs they do, their medium salary would be upwards of $500,000. a year
I see you,

dAAve said...

Have a great weekend Scott.
And be glad you don't have to pay JJ.

psychbaby said...

awww, what a wonderful daddy and hubby you are.

Scott said...

dang, no way i could afford to have JJ on the payroll!!

Shannon said...

hang in there scotty!!! sounds like you are doing great!
sounds like you and IAN had a great time
will miss you guys when I am on vacation

SCoUt said...

Yea, Mommy!
Sounds like you have done an awesome job, too.
Ian's a lucky little dude to have two great parents.