Saturday, July 08, 2006

miscellaneous debris

"The way I speak often reveals more than what I say. To make the program work for me, it is important to be living it. This will reveal itself in everything I do and say." -Today's Reminder from One Day at at Time in Al-Anon

I think that about covers the tone of voice/sarcasm issues! Man, guilty... nuff said!

I am spending my Saturday morning with my blogger friends and some hot coffee... For those of you out there who are "potheads" I must insist that you visit THIS BLOG!! It's a great read for those in recovery dealing with the fallout of too much pot smoked... Oh man, found my story this morning, kinda freaks ya out when it happens!

Today, other than a couple minor errands, we have nothing required of us (Ian and me). The laundry is done, the house is in decent shape, certainly not worse than it was when mommy split. So, we're going to kick around together. Ian and I love to watch racing on TV and I cannot wait to get him to his first live race. However, he freaked when we went to see monster trucks live... They were so freakin' loud! So, rather than go to the car races (there's three really great tracks within 45 minutes of where we live), I am going to take him to a little 1/4 mile dirt go-kart track near here. We'll sit and watch those cats run round in circles (60-80 mph) tonite, and see how Ian does with that! I think we'll probably go hit some balls (golf) and maybe hit the big pool before we go racin'. I wanna squeeze out a lil more bonding time before we get our girl back tomorrow afternoon.

Now, all I have to do is get my arse in gear... I am moving kinda slow today... It actually feels kinda nice! I did some pretty serious hustling this week to be everywhere we needed to be. It's not liek that's a big deal, all things being equal. But, in the context of being a recovering pothead, it's a big deal to me to be raqcing around over hill and dale more than normal... Some people thrive on that shit, I do not! So, I got a date with a bagel, some cream cheese and then the shower... (note to dAAve, I said "and then the shower...")

Let the day begin!

peace to you all...

(PS- I MISS MY LEX-SUNSHINE GIRL!!) ok, i am better now...


dAAve said...

I said nothing. Nothing at all.

Scott said...

you were thinking, I just know you had something funny to say!! a pre-emptive strike I suppose!

lash505 said...

Racing is cool I use to go to the Daytona 500 and there is nothing like standing next to the fence as they come flying by. Dirt tracks are great too.