Wednesday, July 19, 2006

lunchtime quickie

It's been a busy few days at work... I woke up a little bit later than I should've and didn't have bloggage time this morning so I thought I would blog a bit while munching my tuna salad/cucumber (fresh from my garden) on oatnut bread sandwich.

Prayer for the day:

God/HP, help me to live in Your Grace today. I open myself to thee, that You might do with me what You will. I pray that I don't hurt anyone today, including myself. Let me be a bearer of Your Message tonite at my home group. Thank you God, for Your Blessings in my life, for my family, friends, the program of AA, my continued sobriety/health. Thank you for giving me the tools and talents that I might enjoy success in business and in life.

I don't have a bunch to say today. I have been busy sending out press releases about my office opening to as many small town local newspapers as I can find. I knew things would get a little haywire once I got the official word to get going. I am enjoying the haywire in a peaceful, calm manner...


that I have a totally awesome forgiving, loving, compassionate, kick-butt HP in my life
for my wife, son n doggie
fresh cucumbers
a brisk 35 min bike ride last evening
the smell of fresh cut alfalfa
the slight rolling hills of corn and beans the proliferate our local landscape
the fun I have had working on my image blog
learning to enjoy networking and talking with lots of people
God's gift of musical ability
email conversations with fellow recovery bloggers keep em comin' yall!


sirreene said...

You get tuna salad fresh from your garden and your asking us techie questions????

Scott said...

ok sirreene... don't you remember the stories of how the Native Americans taught the Mayflower Pilgrims to bury fish heads with their seeds, to fertilize??

I think that about covers the "garden fresh" tuna salad...

dAAve said...

haywire can be FUN!