Saturday, July 22, 2006

"mayberry" fun run

Just a quick post script to this morning's 1K fun run/walk... The course wasn't laid out so well, so all the peeps who dashed off running ended up going the wrong way. Before the Police knew what was up and found them, us walkers and joggers got well out in front... Well, long story short, Ian decided he wanted to catch this little girl and her mom (who happen to be super snooty... he he), so off he went, leaving Cosmo and I wheezing along, enjoying our brisk walk. Well, not only did he pass the girl and her snottyville mom, he caught up to the older gal who was jogging out front and they finished the run together, out in front... Since it was a fun run there was no official winners, but Ian and that sweet gal ran together and finished first together... how kool is that?? It was fun... and poor mommy who's idea it was to do this lil venture, was stuck home in bed with montezuma's revenge from Mexican last nite.... But she got some good regular pics as the course took us right past our house.. I will scan and get them on here when they are developed...

Just thought y'all would get a kick outta that... MC, you would be proud of my lil guy! It's cute cuz he is so excited about "winning" and passing that lil girl... we have a competitor on our hands!

off to jail for me!


Gwen said...

That is fantastic. How fun for Ian. Yeah Ian !!!

dAAve said...

Good for Ian.

At least you can get out of jail free!

Tab said...
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Tab said...

Jail huh..funny ...I was just at one this morning myself..picking up my seventeen year old who had himself a wee little sleep over after a drunken evening out and about.
When will he learn?!!@#$%^&
(Still gotta love him though!)
Good to see people like you sharing,
want my kids address ?
Thanks for being you :)
Ian is a lucky boy to have you Scott.
Keep up the great job!

Mary Christine said...

Yay Ian! That is so cool. A competitor. Yep. That is pretty neat.

lash505 said...

Way to the snotty moms ass. Thats what it is all about.


JJ <--- standing on sidelines clapping and cheering!!!!
I see you,

SCoUt said...

Awesome for Ian (and you, too, of course!)
Always nice to be one up on the snooties of the world! lol, Scott, too funny! Ad I'm right there with ya!

Rex said...

Run, Forrest, Run! Sounds like a wonderful fun run, except for the snooty lady.

Sober Chick said...

Tell Ian congrats! This is a wonderful achievement!

You and Cosmo are still winners to you know Scott -- you were running a different race! ;)