Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday weigh in/stuff...

Ok, from week one (255) to week two (249) I lost 6 lbs. From week two (249) to week three (248.5) I only lost a half lbs. Isn't the body funny?? Ah well, just keep at it... My freebie week is definitely over. I am going to have to step up the exercise efforts to be sure!

How about that #11 car yesterday at Pocono?? He won the Pocono race in June in much the same fashion! Go Denny go! Ian and I went to hit balls for two hrs yesterday morning, then it was off to the pool for a quick swim... Other than the non-stop talking, he he we enjoyed each other all day! Saturday, the Fireman's picnic was a blast.... Ian jumped around in a couple of those giant inflatable jumping things that kids love... I did very well as far as not eating a ton of junk, only a small amount of junk! (it is the Fireman's picnic after all...) I saw and talked to a lot of people in town that I've met over the past couple yrs. It's the typical small town deal, ya nearly have to force your way in... But, once you're in, you're in. It would seem that I have at least broken the seal. I got the news out about my new biz, got a few cards handed out. I met the brand new HS band director, the band always plays at this picnic. She is fresh outta college, and had those kids playing very well. She's got tough shoes to fill, as the fellow she replaced left a long legacy of great bands. The kool thing isthat she is friendly, and as we chatted and I told her my musical background, she asked me to stop up to the school and meet with her to discuss helping out with her trombone players and what not... very kool... I have been wanting to get some private students again, but the last band director, as successful as he was, was a total snoot! buh bye snoot!

At any rate, it was a nice Mayberry type weekend. I am refreshed and ready to kick ass this morning! The humidity is gone, sun it out, upper 60's temp, got the front door to my office wide open, catchin a breeze, listening to the birds... and now it's time to get some work done...

Prayer for the day:

God/HP, thanks for Your Blessings, especially Your Gift of continued sobriety, and AA fellowship. I pray that I don't hurt anyone today, including myself. Please guide and direct my thinking, that I may free from the bondage of self, from self-pity, self-doubt, resentment and anger. I pray that I may be full of hope and an eagerness to seek your Grace, and use it to help those who I come in contact with today.



It all sounds so good. Mayberry indeed.
I see you and have a kickass day.

Shannon said...

Hey scotty I am there with you the loosing the lbs thing... damn stupid tasty food that makes you eat more that makes you gain more
keep going and you will be amazed... :)
hugs and happy Monday

dAAve said...

I like the prayer, Barney.
As far as the weight issue, don't give up five pounds before the miracle. It's gonna be a lifelong thing, just like you-know-what.

Mary Christine said...

Hang in there with the weight thing. I know that I can go for a month or so without any loss and then WHAM-O! It will show up in one day.