Monday, July 31, 2006

weighing in, progress

Well, pretty big day for me today, got my first closing! I am pretty excited to be "breaking the seal" so to speak, on incoming revenue, since I have long ago broken the seal on outgoing cash! I ran some ads over the weekend to get some attention on this place so, hopefully I'll see a bit 'o traffic from that. I have a customer coming in to go over a proposal tomorrow, and another home about to go under contract so, things are beginning to sorta move along. Now, I need to keep the momentum going!

Weigh in time... week 1: 255; week 2: 249; week 3: 248.5; today 246.5. So, I am shrinking, not as fast as I'd like but hey, what has ever happened fast enough for me? I did swim a bunch on Saturday and Sunday, and took a fairly long (for me) bike ride that had much more steady pedalling than coasting, he he. At least I am headed in the right direction.

Well, I prayed for some help with my motivation to get a bunch of work done this weekend. Well shoot... he he I did get the yard back under control, got some gardening done (ate a ton of fresh veggies this weekend! thanks HP) But, I neglected to do anything with that nightmare of an office of mine, which of course prohibited me from doing any work I brought home from the real office. (you know, I couldn't possibly use the kitchen table or anything, office work can ONLY be done in the office!!) But, I did take Ian to the pool Sat and Sun, went for bike rides with him Sat and Sun, hung out with him all day Sunday while mommy didi her meeting, morning walk, errands, etc. So, it wasn't a total failure or anything. But, I sure could've got some work done on the office. Ah well... I will get to it he he

Prayer for the day:

God/HP, thanks for Your Gift of another Sober awakening. I am grateful too for my health, for Your Grace in letting me use this body today. I pray I may use it to do Your Works, to be of service to you and those about me. God, help me to take the time to understand, rather than be frustrated. Please help me to take the time to love, rather than to expect love. And God, help me not to hurt anyone today, including myself. Thank you for constantly reminding me of how much I dislike the cold weather of Jan/Feb so that I might not be so irritated by the heat and humidity our corn and beans need to grow so well...

Peace to you all...


psychbaby said...

g'morning Scott. Congratulations on your 1st closing! yay! And the weight loss is super duper. You're just batting 100!! (or however that saying goes, you're doing GREat!)

Have a good one dear,

SCoUt said...

Oh, Man, can I relate to the part in your prayer about the heat in relation to January.
People here complain all summer long, especially THIS one, only to complain all winter about the cold.
Soon, I will be escaping all that cold--and probably run into a new set of complainers about some aspect of the weather! lol!
For some reason this reminds me of what my Dad always said about the Northland weather--"It's nine months of winter and three months of tough sledding."
Congrats on breaking the seal -- the clean and sober way!

Tab said...

You have so much going on in your life these days and you still have time to share with us!
Good for you to take better care of your body..that is so important for all of us not to take for granted.
Thanks for sharing and congrats on your first closing!

Shannon said...

GOOD job on it all... you cant be perfect, but sure seems like you are rockin!

dAAve said...

Congrats on breaking the revenue seal.
Your weight loss is just fine as it is. That's 9 pounds in the first month. Anything faster would most likely come right back. Keep the steady course to remain on track. It's about forming new habits.

lash505 said...

Thats awesome the snowball effect taking form. Keep it moving.

Gwen said...

Congrats on you closing! Congrats on the weight loss.